China’s unique world’s largest amphibian, but its own people on the table, has been on the verge of extinction!

Chinese giant salamander is the largest amphibian in the world, which has lived for 170 million years. Now, they have been pushed to extinction by human beings, and almost disappeared in the wild freshwater environment.

For thousands of years, Chinese cultural history books have recorded this kind of giant lizard salamander. They have a lovely name, the giant salamander, because their cry is very like the cry of a baby, and the giant salamander has always been a mouthwatering delicacy. In order to satisfy the human desire, people have tried every means to capture them from the wild for several years, and finally put them on the table.

The paper, published in current biology, describes that the giant salamander is now in a “catastrophic” decline, with only a small part of the wild population remaining or disappearing. This is a four-year study, in which all the investigated sites have been exhausted, which can be said to be functionally extinct. In the IUCN Red List of endangered species, Chinese giant salamander has been listed as extremely endangered species. But it is still a delicacy in people’s hearts. We all know that eating endangered wild species will be severely punished and sentenced, but there are still people who are desperate for this legendary delicacy. It has been verified that in the past 30 years, all salamander populations have declined sharply due to the destruction of habitat environment and people’s poaching behavior. This number is terrible. It has lived on the earth for 170 million years, and even disappeared in people’s mouths in just a few decades!

China has banned the capture of wild giant salamanders. The Ministry of agriculture supports the release of giant salamanders to the wild environment after breeding as a protective measure. However, the scientists pointed out that this practice is contradictory, which will harm the wild population due to the mixture of genetic lineage and the spread of diseases. So people must find ways to develop effective protection measures to protect them, environmental protection is inevitable and long-term, but if one day we can really erase them from the human diet, maybe we can see the hope of their survival!

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