Chinese netizens encounter Mandela effect collectively. Can you still type it?

I believe that many people in the language class, we will be corrected some obscure or some often wrong word pronunciation, and in these two days, there is a word on the Internet has been discussed in full swing, this is the word “when”. In everyone’s impression, this word has always existed. But now no matter which input method or dictionary, the word can no longer be found. Now all I can type is the traditional Chinese character, and the simplified Chinese character does not exist at all. Everyone is puzzled about this – it is clear that this word exists in everyone’s memory, so what’s the matter?

Is it because we are brainwashed by unity?

Some people worry that the input method of the font will be wrong, so we began to look for junior high school textbooks. At this time, everyone was surprised to find that the word in their memory could not be found anywhere. Either it was a traditional word, or there was no simplified word with a proper word.

I have to say that, in fact, we have been discussing this word for a long time. In fact, this can be seen from two aspects. On the one hand, this word can’t be found in official publications, such as Xinhua Dictionary, or other middle school textbooks. On the other hand, in all input method thesaurus, Dingdang is of course.

According to the feedback of some netizens in Zhihu, we can find the relevant explanation in the modern Chinese dictionary in 1989. We are still surprised by the word “Ding Dang”, and there is no “Dang” beside the word “Kou”. As soon as the news came out, everyone was surprised. After all, one person made a mistake and two people made a mistake. It is impossible for everyone to make a mistake. Therefore, netizens tried their best to prove that the word really existed, so all kinds of evidences were submitted.

I believe everyone is familiar with Doraemon, but it was transliterated into Dingdang cat at that time, so the Dang character of Dingdang cat actually has a word beside its mouth. And turn on the input method to use the function of creating characters to make this word, which proves that this word really existed.

Then, for this phenomenon, there is a deviation

This phenomenon is called Mandela effect in sociology, and Mandela effect is also called collective memory bias.

Its origin is because Mandela was not so well known when he was released from prison. In other words, a few people knew him at that time, which was not as famous as he is now. Therefore, few people paid attention to his real situation. When he was released from prison, people would mistakenly think that he held a funeral. And because the media did not understand the real facts, they began to publicize, so it gave people the illusion that Mandela had long passed away, but in fact Mandela died in 2013. In a word, the chain impression caused by the wrong facts makes people have a wrong understanding of something, which is the Mandela effect.

When it comes to the word Ding Dang, in fact, both simplified and traditional Chinese exist in a standardized way, and the word Dang beside this word does exist. At that time, it was mainly due to the translation of some cartoons from Hong Kong and Taiwan – in fact, the translation was not standardized in the final analysis. Now, due to the further improvement of people’s cultural literacy, many of the mistakes they made in the past have been corrected. In other words, it can be said that the standards of education have been further improved, so that there is such a strong contrast now.

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