Chinese scientists have made new discoveries on lunar meteorites, revealing the mystery of the formation of the moon

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and is also the only intelligent life planet discovered so far. Like some other planets, the earth has its own natural satellites, but compared with the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, the earth has only one, that is the moon.

The moon is called the moon by the ancients because it is the brightest and largest star in the sky at night. With the existence of the moon, the night will not appear dark. It illuminates the way for people who travel at night. Therefore, since ancient times, people have a special feeling for the moon, there are many beautiful poems and myths about the moon.

When mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development, with advanced observation equipment, we revealed the true face of the moon. In fact, it is not a beautiful planet, it is a very barren planet. In addition to craters, there are countless craters. Through astronomical telescopes, we can see that the surface of the moon is full of large and small craters, The whole surface of the moon is just like a pockmarked face, without any beauty.

When human walked out of the earth, they also saw the true face of the moon. However, through space exploration, scientists found that the moon is a very special satellite. Besides its strangeness, its mass is too large. The mass ratio of the moon is 1 / 81 of that of the earth, which can not be seen on the satellites of other planets. The satellites of other planets in the solar system do not have such a mass ratio, and the planets outside the solar system have not found such exaggerated satellites.

Therefore, the mystery of the formation of the moon has become a big mystery for scientists. There are three possible sources for the formation of planets’ moons. The first is the stray objects captured by planets. For example, most of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are stray objects captured by planets. The second is the celestial bodies formed at the same time by the same stars. Among the many moons of Jupiter and Saturn, a few may have formed at the same time as the planets. The third is the celestial body formed by the matter splashed out by the impact of planets and other celestial bodies.

So which of these three cases does the moon belong to? Through research and analysis, scientists believe that the first and the second are unlikely, because the moon has a little exaggerated mass. The mass of the moon is so great that the gravity of the earth cannot capture such a celestial body. And the earth and the moon can not form an orbit together, because in that case, they can easily merge into one planet. However, the moon is only a satellite of the earth, and its operation is very regular, which does not exist in the possibility of the earth merging. Moreover, even when it is far away from the earth, it will escape about three centimeters from the earth every year.

If the first two are ruled out, then there is only the third possibility, that is, the origin of the earth collision. This view has been recognized by the scientific community. Scientists believe that in the early stage of the formation of the earth, a Mars sized row was able to impact the earth at a more inclined angle, resulting in a larger piece of material on the earth being knocked out. Of course, the planet that came to impact Some of the material was knocked off.

The impacted material revolves around the earth, and one of the larger materials slowly absorbs the surrounding material by gravity, gradually forming the early moon. If so, the moon is composed of the earth and the planetary material that hit the earth. This has been proved by the meteorite and soil brought back from the moon by human exploration on the moon.

The moon’s rocks do have a lot of similarities with the earth’s material, but there are also some differences. These differences may be on the planet that hit the earth. Some time ago, the latest research results of the analysis of lunar meteorites by the Zijinshan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also support this view.

Through international astronomical cooperation, the researchers of Zijinshan Observatory analyzed the composition of three lunar meteorites using the advanced instruments and equipment of California Institute of technology, and found the largest fractionation effect of chlorine isotopes in the solar system so far. Some people may not understand, what does this have to do with the formation of the moon?

It turns out that the huge fractionation effect of chlorine isotopes can only be produced through intense high temperature and high energy activities. However, it is impossible for satellite objects such as the moon to have high temperature and high energy, which can only occur in the early impact. Therefore, this discovery also shows that the moon may have originated from a violent collision event to a certain extent.

The moon originated from a big collision of celestial bodies, which has formed a consensus in the scientific community. What scientists need to do is to find more evidence to prove, and these evidence can only be found on the moon. Compared with 50 years ago, human science and technology has made great progress. 50 years ago, human beings were able to land on the moon. Now and in the future, landing on the moon will be different.

China’s chang’e-4 spacecraft has landed on the back of the moon. It is believed that in the near future, China will also achieve manned landing on the moon, and other countries will continue to land on the moon to explore the moon. As long as we continue to explore the lunar rocks, we will find more evidence to prove that the moon originated from the theory of large collision.

Of course, there are many mysteries about the origin of the moon, such as where is the Mars sized planet that hit the earth? Which object in the solar system could it be? In the early days of the earth’s formation, the planet that hit the earth only hit the earth at an inclined angle. Therefore, the planet only lost part of its material and then left the earth.

Scientists have no answer to the fate of this planet. It may be one of mercury, Venus or Mars, or it may not stay in the solar system, but fly out of the solar system and go to other galaxies. To solve this mystery, we need to explore and study the moon in detail. The moon is the combination of the material of two planets, so on the moon, there is probably the material composition of that planet.

If we can determine which materials on the moon are not from the earth, but from the planet that hit the Earth billions of years ago, and then through exploring the material composition of other planets in the solar system, we may find planets with the same material, and we may find the hero who made the moon that year.

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