Chinese scientists have successfully deciphered the unique signal from 6 billion light-years away and solved the secret of the universe

A unique signal appeared 6 billion light years ago, and Chinese scientists have successfully deciphered and solved a secret of the universe. What is the secret of the universe? Take a look with Xiaobian!

Recently, NASA staff chandracon captured a unique X-ray radiation signal through the telescope, and the signal lasted for nearly seven hours. This unique X-ray radiation signal is unusual.

Why do you say that? Because it comes from six billion light years away. After that, a Chinese scientist made a new important discovery by studying the signal.

In the process of studying the universe, astronomers have always believed that two neutron stars will form a black hole after high-speed collision and rotation, which is the huge material formed by the collapse and fusion of neutron stars.

Hawking and others have been deeply studied in the theory of black hole. The theory of black hole formed by the expansion of neutron star has always been the mainstream view in astronomy.

However, after research, Professor Xue Yongquan, a Chinese scientist, overturned the mainstream view recognized by the astronomical community and revealed the secrets of the universe, causing a sensation in the astronomical community.

Professor Xue Yongquan, a Chinese scientist, discovered that these unique X-rays came from a magnetic star 6 billion light-years away. Professor Xue Yongquan believes that if the two neutron stars rotate very fast, they will still maintain ultra-high rotation speed after merging.

If the rotation speed reaches several hundred thousand revolutions per second, even if the mass of the merged neutron star exceeds the limit of the neutron star, its ultra-high centrifugal force will help itself resist the strong internal gravity and prevent it from collapsing into a new black hole.

This X-ray from 6 billion light-years away further confirms Professor Xue Yongquan’s theoretical research. Professor Xue Yongquan studied X-rays 6 billion light-years away and found that neutron star merging occurred on this magnetic star 6 billion light-years away. The result of their merger is not a new black hole, but a magnetic star worse than a black hole.

Professor Xue Yongquan’s research overturns the long-standing conclusion of astronomy that “after two neutron stars collide and rotate at a high speed, they will form a black hole.”. This is an important scientific discovery in astronomy. In fact, Professor Xue Yongquan’s research also confirms another scientist’s view in China.

When the mainstream view of the world’s astronomy is that the merger of two neutron stars will definitely form a black hole, Professor Dai Zigao of Nanjing University pointed out that if the pressure of the neutron star increases significantly with the density of the nuclear matter, the merger of two neutron stars will produce a new special neutron star magnetic star, not a black hole.

Later, Professor Xue Yongquan published a new theory of celestial body formation in the journal Nature. A unique signal appeared 6 billion light-years away. Chinese scientist Professor Xue Yongquan successfully deciphered and found that the combination of neutron stars formed a stronger magnetic field than black holes.

The pace of human exploration of the universe has never stopped. Xiaobian believes that one day we will make this vast universe clear! What do you think? Let’s talk about it in the comments section

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