Chinese tourists from Taiwan have photographed UFOs in the shape of tires in Yunnan, China!

In our impression, UFO news always appears in European and American countries, especially in the United States. It seems that the United States has become the favorite place for aliens. But just a while ago, an unidentified object appeared in the sky of Yunnan Province in China, and there was a video of UFO on the Internet. It was shot by a netizen from Taiwan, which caused a lot of heated discussion.

“Giant tire” over Yunnan

The netizen’s surname is Chen. He came to Yunnan to attend a trade exhibition. At that time, he was photographing tourist attractions in Yunnan and wanted to keep a memorial. But when she returned to Taipei, her family looked at these photos again and found an unexpected scene. It turned out that there was a circular unknown object in the blue sky, which was behind the blue sky and white clouds The scenery is particularly eye-catching. So he zoomed in and found that the circular object was like a huge tire.

At first he suspected it was a human drone, but why did the drone hit the tire? In order to solve the mystery of the unidentified object, he also sought the help of UFO experts. A UFO expert named Philip mantel told the netizen that he had no way to determine what the unidentified object in the photo was. Since even UFO experts have no way to judge, it is enough to show that this unidentified object must be extraordinary, so he firmly believes that he photographed the UFO.

What is “giant tire”?

When he talked about it with his colleagues, they also took pictures of Yunnan, but nothing strange appeared in the sky. It turns out that only Mr. Chen himself saw this strange unidentified object. He took it as a surprise. If this unidentified object is really a UFO, it means that it quickly disappeared after staying in the sky for a short time, so other colleagues didn’t catch this picture.

After all, Mr. Chen was the only one who took this photo, which is very rare. Netizens think that this also explains from the side that the unknown object in the photo is UFO, otherwise there is no way to disappear in such a short time. Of course, some netizens put forward different voices, thinking that the unidentified object is just a tire shaped UAV.

After all, today’s human science and technology can not be compared with each other, and all kinds of strange UAVs also appear in front of human eyes. Different people have different opinions. Everyone has different opinions. It’s certain that aliens are still full of mystery, but no one has really seen aliens at present. It’s a pity.

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