Chongqing 200 years old building wall “ooze blood”, the next day disappeared, the demolition team had no choice but to stop work

If you are a fan of horror films, you must have heard of the name of “ghost house” in Chongqing. It was built in the period of the Republic of China. What is the current situation of Chongqing ghost house?

It still exists in Dongyang Town, Beibei District of Chongqing. It is the legendary White House. In Beibei, there are many old people who have lived all their lives in the Jialing River area of Shaba. They all call Bai’s house Beibei ghost house.

How did the name of the ghost house come from? According to historical records, in order to attract talents, Lu Zuofu built a villa for his friend Bai dunrong during the development of Chinese capitalism. The villa is located in the middle of the mountain, you can see the scenery of Jialing River. As a patriotic industrialist, Lu Zuofu is very famous and has made great achievements, and so is Bai dunrong. But it’s a pity that Tian envies the talents. Bai dunrong only lived here for less than a year and then died. Then Mr. Bai died here.

At this time, the story line came to the period of Anti Japanese war. The students of Fudan University once rented this room, but later the students died in this room, and no one found it for a long time. Because it’s a long way from the city center, and it’s on a hillside, there are no students to collect the corpses. Later, the building began to be described as an unlucky building, and later, the so-called “bleeding” news was well known.

One night, the demolishers wanted to demolish the White House. Unexpectedly, the sledgehammer just hit the wall, and the wall slowly began to seep out of the light red “blood” from the top to the bottom. At the beginning, no one noticed it. It was not until the red liquid dripped on the hands and heads of the demolition workers that they found something strange, so they ignored everything and ran away with the wind under their feet. The next day, when the demolition team led the people to see the wall, the wall was clean. Everyone was at a loss, so the demolition project was delayed.

As soon as this matter comes out, public opinion is in an uproar. Will the wall bleed itself? Isn’t this the way of the supernatural novel? As a result, a special reporter of global human geography started his journey to explore the ghost house with his luggage on his back. As expected, everything is very normal. There is no ghost house at all!

The so-called oozing blood is actually the liquid of a small red fruit. Then some people will be surprised. This small fruit is only the size of the human little finger. How can it be reflected on a wall as big as the White House? It turned out that the White House had existed for many years and had been abandoned for a long time, and the original servants had long ignored it, which led to the crazy growth of all kinds of wild plants, including fruit plants. When the wall was beaten, many fruits would be squeezed and the juice of the fruit would flow out slowly.

After hearing the news, the botanist rushed to the scene, and then she was sure that it was the fruit of some kind of plant. Around the White House, the grass was lush and luxuriant, all of which were the figures of Phytolacca. With a pinch burst, scarlet juice burst out. So the wall bleeding doubt is perfectly solved. So the disappearance of blood is a better explanation – Chongqing is hot and rainy, and the rain washes the wall, which is perfectly normal. As it was close to night, the wall was bleeding, and the workers of the demolition team were not clear about the ghost house, so they didn’t pay attention to the existence of Shanglu, which was very normal.

I suggest that for the news of the supernatural, you just smile. You need to firmly believe in atheism. You need to believe that only science can solve many doubts. The unsolved mysteries mentioned by many people are just the fields that I don’t think knowledge science has touched yet.

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