“Cities” appear over Africa, Hebei netizens photographed “Nantianmen”, parallel space-time entrance?

Some people think that the parallel universe is still a bridge in science fiction movies, and does not exist in reality. There are many people who think that maybe the tunnel of time and space is around us. When the tunnel is opened, we can go to another time and space. Some time ago, a strange phenomenon appeared over the African village. Netizens speculated that this might be the evidence of the existence of parallel universe. What’s the matter?


Cities over Africa


This small village is located in Nigeria, Africa. The weather was very sunny at that time, with a few white clouds floating in the sky. In this village, there is a man who is finishing his morning work and getting ready to go home. On the way, he finds a bright light in the sky. There was a translucent cloud above his head, in which there was a “city in the sky”. In this way, high-rise buildings appeared in front of him, making a deafening noise. He had never seen such a picture before, so he guessed whether it was the appearance of gods?


In addition to the man, many people in the village saw the city in the sky. A little boy claimed that he saw the city coming out from one side of the tree, but the branches and leaves of the tree did not fall and were not damaged. Maybe it has something to do with the local customs. They think that this air city is actually a precursor of life. After the incident spread to the Internet, netizens commented one after another. Isn’t this a mirage!


“Nantianmen” photographed by netizens


Mirage is a common phenomenon in nature. In the scientific community, it is believed that the sky mirage is formed because of the refraction of light. However, with the deepening of research, more and more scientists have overturned this theory. Perhaps there is an entrance to the parallel universe behind the mirage. Generally speaking, mirages can be found on the earth. However, in recent years, more and more mirages seem to appear out of thin air and can not be found on the earth. Hebei netizens in China have taken such a picture, which caused a heated discussion about parallel universe.


This was photographed by netizens in Hebei. At that time, the sky was also very clear and cloudless. On such an ordinary day, an unusual scene appeared in the sky. A building with a retro flavor appeared in the air. After his photos were published on social media, it caused a huge discussion. This may be the legendary “Nantianmen”.


“Nantianmen” is a fairy tale, no one has really seen it. When scientists saw this picture, they tried to find the prototype of the building, but there was no result. Many people speculate that these mirages may be the entrance of parallel spacetime, and mirages may really be related to parallel universes.

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