Civilization at all levels is powerful, and civilization at level 5 is unmatched. How advanced is civilization at level 7?

Human beings are always curious about the universe. As a member of the universe, the earth breeds life. So in the grand universe, is there any other planet that can breed life like the earth? In order to find out the answer to this question, scientists have done a lot of work on the outer planet, but human’s current ability is still relatively limited, and has not obtained any results.

Although human beings have not yet explored the alien civilization, it does not mean that the cosmic civilization only exists in the earth civilization. Suppose there are other civilizations in the universe, what would be the situation?

In 1944, Soviet astronomer Nikolay Kardashev conceived the hierarchy of alien civilization, and divided it into three levels: the first level civilization is relatively close to earth civilization; the second level civilization is relatively active with planetary system civilization, which is active in the solar system and adjacent galaxies; the third level civilization is relatively active with stellar system civilization, which is free to shuttle between galaxy clusters.

Now, with the development of the times, scientists have reclassified the civilization of the universe and divided it into seven levels. Although the earth’s civilization has been quite developed, scientists believe that the earth’s civilization is only 0.7 level, even a level of civilization can not reach.

The researchers added Kardashev’s hierarchy, believing that the fourth level civilization is a large galaxy civilization, which has surpassed the speed of light and can travel freely between galaxy clusters.

The fifth level civilization is a multi-dimensional space transformation civilization, which can transform each other in different dimensions of a planet, Galaxy and other large celestial bodies. For example, if the speed and method are correct, the transformation from the earth’s three-dimensional space to the earth’s four-dimensional space can go back to the past, or to the future. Five level civilization can break through the boundaries of any time, can be called God level civilization, for the earth civilization, it is just a super God.

However, what is more powerful than the fifth level civilization is the sixth level civilization, which is a kind of parallel world civilization. It can transform energy and matter into each other and be in a superposition state. This kind of civilization can travel between an independent universe and another parallel world.

No civilization is the most powerful and powerful, nor is it the seventh level of cosmic civilization, that is, the so-called founder civilization. It creates all nature and formulates all natural laws except life. Therefore, it is also the highest level of civilization in the universe. It seems that the earth civilization is just weak.

Although we still don’t know what the cosmic civilization is like, we believe that in the future, maybe these answers will be solved by us. So, what do everyone think about the cosmic civilization? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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