Civilization or the constant reincarnation, does prehistoric civilization really exist? Humans today lag behind them

As we all know, the oldest civilization found on the earth at present is the Sumerian civilization in southern Iraq, which is about 7000 years ago and is now accepted by people. Before that, there was no civilization on the earth, that is to say, human civilization only developed for thousands of years.

When it comes to prehistoric civilization, our impression should be of barbarians and desolate land. However, there may have been nuclear explosions in prehistoric times. Maybe many people can’t believe it. It was not until the 19th century that human beings began to understand the secrets of atoms. After Einstein put forward relevant theories, they began to use atoms. In the prehistoric period when human beings did not appear, it was impossible for nuclear explosion to occur. Is this really the case?

Scientists have found all kinds of strange traces, which may prove that prehistoric civilization is not as barbaric as imagined, because human development has gone through an empty window period of 100000 years. The first village found in Turkey has a history of more than 9000 years, but it has not yet developed into a type of civilization. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the earliest human beings got food by hunting.

For example, human beings did not have any development 150000 years ago. Even if they did, the degree of development was very small. But human beings have been on the moon for thousands of years. Why can human beings make so much progress, but there was no progress more than 100000 years ago? Some people say that human beings have gone through countless times of destruction more than 100000 years ago, while civilization has been constantly reincarnated.

The reason why people speculate is that scientists have found traces of nuclear explosions of prehistoric civilization in many places. In 1932, an explorer found many pieces of transparent glass in the desert. After analysis, these pieces have been 10000 years old. But why are there glasses in the desert? Scientists thought it was a lightning strike, but they immediately overturned this view, because the lightning struck glass is black, not so transparent.

It is believed that this may be the product of meteorite falling, because the high temperature of the meteorite melted the sand and made it into glass, but no trace of meteorite was found. Some people said that the glass was related to volcanoes, but no volcanoes were found around. In the end, scientists determined that the glass might have been formed by a nuclear explosion, because glass similar to desert glass has been found around modern nuclear craters. Nuclear war may have happened in prehistory, and these glasses are the best proof.

At an ancient civilization site in Pakistan, scientists also found evidence that they were destroyed overnight. Among them, 46 corpses were found. The death process was almost instantaneous, and there were charred marks on the corpses. Scientists detected that the ingredients contained radioactive elements. Maybe the wreckage was destroyed by a nuclear explosion. How to explain all this? What do you think?

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