Claiming to be a priest, he drank rat poison to prove the power of God. Believers drank it too, and all died

It’s a good thing to have faith, but it’s a tragedy if you don’t trust the wrong person. Recently, a South African priest named light monyeki declared that “faith nourishes people’s bodies and cures all diseases. Death is meaningless to believers.”. The believers believed him and lost their lives.

The priest poured rat poison into the water for believers to drink to prove his trust in God. In order to prove “the power of faith”, he took a drink of his own.

When the believers saw him drinking, they rushed to drink the water mixed with rat poison. As a result, they began to have abdominal pain that evening. Five of them died and 13 were hospitalized for observation.

Light monyeki has no sense of guilt for killing so many people. He denies that he has caused the death of believers, and has the audacity to say, “if there are too many good things, they may become bad. After investigation, the police did not arrest him because the believers voluntarily drank water mixed with rat poison

Similar absurdity has happened before. Another South African priest once sprayed insecticide on the face of believers, claiming that “this divine medicine” can cure AIDS and cancer.

What do these “priests” regard life as? They preach everywhere and let others keep faith. In fact, they are the people who have no faith!

Source: unilad

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