Cloning technology is already mature. Why not clone human beings? Look at the end of the first cloned sheep!

Human cloning is not inferior to artificial intelligence. Why can’t human cloning work? Scientists speak out the disadvantages!

Artificial intelligence has been a controversial technology, since its emergence, human efficiency has improved, many things can be solved by artificial intelligence, lack of hands-on ability. Different from human beings, robots do not have the consciousness of independent thinking, which can only be carried out under the control of human beings. Scientists are very worried about a problem. Artificial intelligence in the future will certainly develop towards a mature stage. It is difficult to guarantee that it will not produce consciousness. At that time, human beings will face the biggest problem.

When cloning technology first appeared

In addition to artificial intelligence, there is another controversial technology: cloning. It first came to people’s attention in 1996, when the world’s first cloned sheep appeared, it was Dolly. Since its birth, it has attracted worldwide attention and is also the first cloned sheep in the world. Its appearance is highly similar to that of an adult sheep. It was not until 1997 that Dolly officially appeared. Cloning technology finally made an unprecedented breakthrough. Many people have high hopes for this technology. Human cloning is not inferior to artificial intelligence. Why can’t human cloning work? Scientists speak out the disadvantages!

In short, cloning technology is equivalent to the reproduction of life. It is not only the cloning of sheep, but also the idea of cloning all kinds of prehistoric animals. As long as the cloning technology is mature enough, it will be successful, and almost all species can be cloned. One of the puzzles is that since cloning technology can clone so many animals, why never clone human beings? What is the reason behind it?

Advantages and disadvantages of cloning technology

Some people speculate that once the technology of human cloning is realized, human beings will achieve the goal of immortality, arousing the enthusiasm of many people, and can clone themselves in this way. Even if they die decades later, they can still live on behalf of a person. After understanding, scientists found that any creature cloned has not been cloned at all except for its appearance. If even the ideology can be cloned, can not Einstein, Galileo and other great people be cloned, the social development will go further. Obviously, this is impossible.

Even if there is now a second Einstein, who has no difference in appearance, he can not replace the original Einstein and continue to live on the earth. After all, he does not have a deep understanding of any theory that Einstein once put forward, just looks similar. With the rapid increase of the global population, once the cloning technology is fully popularized, the resources on the earth will be more and more scarce, the rapid growth of population will increase the load of the earth, and at the same time, there are more problems to face.

The fate of Dolly, the first cloned sheep

Maybe we don’t know what happened to Dolly, the first cloned sheep. Since it was cloned, there have been all kinds of diseases, and the survival time is quite short. As a last resort, euthanasia is the only way to end its life. If a complete human is cloned now, it is almost difficult to survive. We can hardly guarantee its health, so this technology needs to be improved. What do you think of cloning technology? You can leave a message for interaction.

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