Compared with the earth 43 years ago, you will feel deeply afraid and worried

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for countless years. The first time we really understood the earth’s style was 43 years ago when the satellite took the panorama of the earth.

The earth 43 years ago, from the panorama, can see how beautiful, mountains, rivers, blue sky and white clouds, there is no more beautiful planet than the earth, at that time people can not help but sigh, the earth is too beautiful, we must take good care of it, protect it.

But 43 years later, what has the earth become? What are the traces left by the merciless knife of time to the earth? In fact, you don’t need to look at the panorama of the earth taken by satellite. We live on the earth and feel it by ourselves. You can understand what the earth is like now.

In the past half century, with the rapid rise of the industrial revolution and the outbreak of science and technology, it can be said that changes occur every year. You have to shut up for five years without seeing the outside world. After five years, you don’t know the earth. The change of human society is too fast, and the development speed of science and technology in the past 50 years is faster than that in the past thousands of years. This is a huge leap, but behind the joy of mankind is the destruction of the earth’s environment.

In the past, there were fewer and fewer dense forests, the river was not as clear as before, and there were few wild places with birds singing and flowers fragrant in the past. It used to be full of stars, but now it’s hard to see them at night. Now every spring, the sandstorm is crazy, the sky is covered by a piece of yellow sand, and the desert is constantly devouring the fertile land. All kinds of industrial waste gases produce a lot of carbon dioxide, which makes the atmosphere a layer of film. The greenhouse effect has led to the global temperature rising year by year. Now it is not cold in winter, but hot in summer.

Every spring and summer, all kinds of viruses occur frequently, and more people get sick. The ice in the north and south poles began to melt. There are more natural disasters every year. Floods, earthquakes and so on are on the rise every year. It can be said that today, our once beautiful earth is beyond recognition.

After talking about the situation inside the earth, let’s talk about the situation outside the earth. Over the past few decades, the pace of human exploration of space has accelerated, and satellites and probes have been launched into space frequently, but not all of them have been successful. Those who have failed have landed in the outer space of the earth and become space garbage. Now there are still a lot of space garbage outside the earth, and there will be more in the future, and these are too many It is extremely difficult to clean up the empty garbage. At present, human space technology is also powerless to these space garbage.

The harm of space garbage is quite great. First of all, once it breaks away from the detour, it may be dangerous to crash to the earth. Secondly, space garbage will be dangerous to those satellites, space stations and astronauts working in outer space. At the same time, there is more space garbage, which virtually adds a layer of film to the earth.

Finally, take a look at the global map of our earth. Do you still think it is beautiful? The earth is the home of human beings. We should take good care of it and protect it. Otherwise, in another 50 years, I’m afraid we will never see the blue sky white, birds singing and flowers fragrant. The sky is gray all day long. At present, human beings have no ability to emigrate to other planets. If we don’t protect the earth well, the time left for human beings will be less and less. Hawking once predicted that human beings must emigrate within 100 years Planet, this is not nonsense, but Hawking saw the earth’s ecological damage is serious, deeply worried about the future of mankind.

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