Cosmologists received mysterious signals from 7 billion years ago, proving Einstein’s prediction 100 years ago

There have been many great scientists in the history of mankind, and the one who has never been surpassed in the field of physics is Einstein. He laid a theoretical foundation for the development of nuclear energy and ushered in a new era of modern science and technology. Einstein was born in Germany. In his lifetime of scientific research, he published many views that were considered strange at that time. However, as time goes on, later generations gradually found that his views were confirmed to be correct one by one. At this time, the scientific community began to pay attention to the incredible views put forward by the great physicist 100 years ago.

Einstein’s study of the universe is very fanatical, but also put forward a lot of cosmic formula, one of which is the theory of gravitational lens. He thinks that the phenomenon of gravitational lens is common in the universe. To put it simply, matter determines space-time, and gravity distorts light. In this way, if there is a signal from an alien civilization in the universe, it will be preserved and spread in the universe. Through the distortion of light, it is possible to be received. It sounds incredible, but the theory needs to be verified by facts.

After the gravitational lens was proposed by Einstein 100 years ago, due to the backward science and technology at that time, the society was also in turmoil, people did not pay attention to scientific research at all, so the gravitational lens has been forgotten by people. Until later, with the progress of science and technology, many strange phenomena were found in the universe, but they could not be studied. At this time, some scientists thought of the gravitational lens theory proposed by this great physicist. As a result, I was surprised that it was really feasible.

No, recently, scientists have received a signal from the universe 7 billion years ago in the space laboratory, which proves once again that the gravitational lensing effect is real. There are countless kinds of signals in the universe, some of which are caused by planets and other phenomena, but there are also signals from extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe. Hasn’t the earth sent many civilization signals to the universe? We are trying to find aliens in the universe, and those aliens may have the same mind as us. They also want to find other advanced life in the universe, and they will send out some signals of their civilization, so that other civilizations in the universe can receive and decode their signals.

The universe is so vast that there is no doubt about the existence of alien civilization. Because we are limited by speed, the distance in the universe is calculated by light years. At the current speed of our earth, it is impossible to send spacecraft to explore the deep space. Even if we reach the speed of light, we can only preliminarily detect some planets not far from the earth. If it’s a little further away, don’t think about it.

Many planets have occurred through telescopes. Some of them are very similar to the environment of the earth, including water, magnetic field and atmosphere. Such earth like planets are likely to have intelligent life. But we can only look at it. If we want to determine whether there is extraterrestrial life on it, at least we have to send a probe. Unfortunately, it will take tens of thousands of years for an unmanned probe to reach the nearest earth like planet at our speed. Distance is hard injury.

The role of gravitational lens can let us effectively capture those mysterious signals in the universe. Through these signals, we may be able to decipher them, so as to determine the location of advanced civilizations in the universe and some of their situations. Perhaps one day, the information packets of human civilization sent by the earth to the universe will also be received by alien civilizations. Maybe we can establish contact If the science of extraterrestrial civilization has developed to the point of interstellar navigation, it is not impossible to visit the earth. We can only look forward to one day

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