Could a dragon be an alien? From a scientific point of view, this possibility is not allowed

I believe everyone is familiar with the dragon. The Chinese nation is known as the descendant of the dragon. The legend about the dragon has a long history. It is said that the dragon is a kind of supernatural creature, which can travel through the clouds and rain, and is the master of wind and rain. In China and other East Asian countries, dragon legends have formed a dragon culture. Many ancient relics discovered by archaeologists have records and sculptures about dragons.

So does dragon really exist? Although there are many legends and records about dragons, until now, we have not really found any evidence about the real existence of dragons. We should know that the earth has a long life history of billions of years, and many traces of ancient creatures will be preserved in the form of fossils.

We can know which creatures appeared in the history of the earth through the fossils of paleontology, such as giant insects hundreds of millions of years ago, a large number of dinosaur fossils 65 million years ago, etc. However, we haven’t really found the dragon, which is a kind of miraculous fossil. Therefore, in the eyes of many modern people, the dragon is a non-existent creature. It may just be a totem imagined by ancient human beings.

So is it really that simple? If there is no dragon in the zodiac, then the possibility of its fantasy will be very high. But the Dragon appeared in the zodiac, I believe we all know the zodiac, which is a very famous ancient Chinese culture, has important significance.

At present, there is no definite conclusion as to which era is the cultural source of the zodiac. According to the ancient documents, there is a relatively complete system of zodiac in the pre Qin period. The earliest document that records the same 12 zodiac as the modern one is Lun Heng by Wang Chong of the Eastern Han Dynasty. It can be seen that the zodiac was born much earlier than we thought. It is possible that the zodiac had already sprouted when human civilization first appeared.

We don’t know how the zodiac comes from, or how our ancestors ranked them? But everyone should have a consensus that the animals in the zodiac should be real. Our ancestors are unlikely to invent animals that don’t exist and put them in the zodiac. I believe everyone can understand this.

The birth of the zodiac in the eyes of human ancestors, it is a very sacred and great task. It is obviously not in line with common sense to get some non-existent animals in. Therefore, the animals in the zodiac should be the real existence of natural creatures at that time. In the zodiac, the fifth is the dragon.

There are eleven animals in the zodiac, but we haven’t seen this dragon before. Isn’t that very unreasonable? Therefore, many experts and scholars believe that the dragon should be a real existence in ancient times. The image of the Dragon first appeared in the Chahai site, which is located in the present Inner Mongolia, 8000 years ago. This is what the Neolithic people left behind. At that time, people used stones to put out the shape of a dragon, with a width of 2 meters and a length of 19.7 meters.

Since then, many relics have also unearthed objects related to dragons. However, there are great differences in the image of dragon in different periods. In the early stage, the form of dragon was animal body. With the passage of time, the Dragon described by people became longer and longer, the form became snake body, and finally evolved into the appearance of nine kinds of animals that we now know as one.

Through these ever-changing dragon images in the history of human civilization, many people think of a possibility that the dragon may be an alien creature. I believe many friends have seen this conjecture on the Internet. Is it possible that the dragon is an alien creature? From a scientific point of view, this possibility is almost impossible.

If dragons were alien creatures, how did they come to earth? Is it the body that goes through the endless void? It’s obviously impossible. We should know that the distance between the stars in the universe is based on light years. Even the nearest star system to the earth is 4.2 light years away from us. The space is full of all kinds of dangerous radiation, and it is still close to the vacuum environment.

In such a space, even if there is life that can stay for a short time, it will be fatal after a long time. No living creature can span a distance of more than several light years with its body. From the records of the human ancestors on the dragon, we can see that the dragon is a kind of creature that can easily ascend the clouds. Its size is huge. If it is an alien creature, it can only come to the earth through a spaceship.

But from various legends, the dragon is flying in the air by itself, not in a spaceship. It can be seen that the dragon is not an alien creature. If it is not an alien creature and has existed, what kind of archetype will it be? At this time, we have to think of the glorious age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Friends all know that the age of dinosaurs, which is dominating the earth 160 million years of paleontology. Dinosaurs rose more than 200 million years ago. In the age of dinosaurs, 90% of the earth’s biosphere was a dinosaur race. Dinosaurs can be divided into three categories: water swimming dinosaurs, land running dinosaurs and flying dinosaurs.

65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers hit the earth, causing ecological upheaval and the extinction of dinosaurs. So did dinosaurs really die out at that time? In this regard, there is no unified answer in the modern scientific community. Some scientists believe that dinosaurs all over the world did not disappear in the mass extinction at that time, and some of them may have survived.

We can think about it. If dinosaurs did not all die out in the mass extinction event 65 million years ago, what kind of dinosaurs are most likely to survive? I believe many friends will think of the flying dragon in the sky. Yes, to be able to fly in the sky is to have a stronger ability to survive. High mountains, lakes and seas can’t stop flying dragons.

So when the disaster came, the land dinosaurs and the water dragons in the sea disappeared in the mass extinction, while some flying dragons may have survived. After the disaster, this part of the surviving flying dragon continued to evolve and became the later dragon image.

After the birth of human beings, this part of new flying dragons evolved from flying dragons often appear in human activity areas. Because of its huge size and ability to fly, the ancestors of human beings were afraid to know that it was a powerful creature that could not be defeated by human force.

It is obviously impossible to worship the Dragon just because it is powerful. In addition to dinosaurs, there are bound to be land creatures of the same level in nature, which are equally powerful. However, our ancestors would not worship them, let alone regard them as totems. The reason is very simple, this is no wisdom beast, they attack human, is the enemy of human.

What does it mean that the Dragon evolved from flying dragon has become the totem of human beings? It shows that the evolution of the flying dragon at that time may have produced wisdom. Only intelligent creatures with flying ability and powerful power can make the ancestors of human worship first. If flying dragons have evolved wisdom, they probably won’t attack humans, because they know that humans are also intelligent life and are “like them”.

Even at that time, the flying dragon may have often helped humans hunt beasts, so under such circumstances, humans and the flying dragon live together friendly. In the eyes of human ancestors, such a powerful flying dragon that could fly and understand human words was equivalent to the God of heaven, so the dragon totem was formed later.

However, due to the continuous changes of the earth’s ecological environment, the dragon is also constantly extinct, and finally completely disappeared in the long history. Although they disappeared, human ancestors handed down their images and stories from generation to generation. Of course, in the process of spreading, it was constantly exaggerated and changed by people, and finally evolved into the Dragon we see now.

Of course, the above is only our guess. Whether the Dragon really existed or not has not been decided yet. Even if they have appeared before, they may not be the Dragon we see now. Now we see the dragon image, probably the ancients constantly modified, especially in thousands of years of feudal dynasties.

In order to consolidate his position, the emperor constantly deified the dragon and changed its image, becoming more and more powerful and beautiful. In any case, the existence of dragons in the zodiac shows that dragons are not as simple as they think. It’s just like our research and exploration of aliens. Although we haven’t found it yet, most of us think it exists.

The same is true of dragons. With the continuous improvement of human cognition, there are more and more divergences on whether dragons exist. Many paleontologists also began to pay attention to the research and exploration of dragons. Perhaps in the near future, we can really find a skeleton fossil of dragons on the earth. At that time, the answer of dragons will be initially revealed by us.

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