Could there be something bigger than a blue whale on earth? It may exist, but the probability of retention is too low!

When it comes to the blue whale, as the largest animal on the earth, we must all know that. However, in the eyes of knowledgeable scientists, it is not the case. They have a unique view of their own. So is there anything bigger than blue whales on earth?

Blue whales grow up in the vast ocean, with a length of 33 meters and a weight of about 200 tons. Only in the vast ocean can their huge bodies roam freely. Scientists have made it clear that in the earth’s area, land accounts for 30% and oceans 70%. Compared with the land, there are many sea areas that human beings have not been involved in. In the unknown deep-sea environment, no one will know what creatures exist there.

The ocean occupies seven tenths of the earth, and we humans are only adapted to live on land. According to the origin theory, life on the earth begins with the ocean. However, at present, human research and discovery of the ocean only account for a very small part, and there may be millions of unknown creatures. In the deep-sea environment of thousands of meters, human beings can not understand life, because today’s science and technology can not Too deep into the ocean. However, every year, new marine creatures are discovered and named, such as jellyfish, octopus, cetaceans, etc., which were not known before they lived in the sea. In recent years, marine researchers have also found some giant squid. Compared with the well-known squid, they are just like a “good baby”. The difference is amazing. Twenty years ago, this kind of giant squid was considered impossible. Some scientists have also found large box jellyfish that they have never seen before

It’s about three times the size of a normal jellyfish, which makes people have to think about what creatures still exist in the ocean.

If we say that there may be larger creatures on earth than blue whales, and there is almost no living environment for them on land, we should only find them in the ocean. The larger the size of animals, it also means that the number is more scarce, which is the unchangeable law of nature. In today’s human dominated earth, this species has not been found. Once it is found, it means that it will be hunted and the probability of survival will be greatly reduced. In the future, there will be fewer and fewer animals that can be captured. People may have caught them before they mature.

According to current records, in addition to the existence of large dinosaurs in the age of dinosaurs, the largest animal discovered by humans is the blue whale. Since there have been dinosaurs larger than blue whales in the past, it is not certain that there will be other creatures to replace the position of “the largest animal in the world” in the future. People have to wonder whether there are still animals larger than blue whales? Maybe it just hasn’t been discovered yet. In other words, what is the significance of discovery? If there is a bigger existence than the blue whale, it means it is on the verge of extinction.

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