Crazy scientists have been injecting germs for themselves 3 million 500 thousand years ago. How are they doing now?

Crazy scientists have been injecting germs for themselves 3 million 500 thousand years ago. How are they doing now?

Everyone dreams to achieve immortality. The reality is cruel. It gives us a basin of cold water. This topic is totally nonsense. Immortality means immortality. It has long gone against the laws of nature. From ancient times to the present, too many emperors have spent human and material resources to find ways, and ended in failure.

With the passage of time, the law of immortality has been forgotten by the world, but there are still many people who have a persistent pursuit of immortality, and insist that the method exists, but human beings have not found it. After all, there are immortality creatures in nature, such as lobster, Taisui and so on. They have achieved immortality in a sense, and can even rejuvenate. In the eyes of scientists, there is no essential difference in life. Although human beings have wisdom, life is extremely fragile. Changes in the external environment will take a person’s life. Crazy scientists have been injecting germs for themselves 3 million 500 thousand years ago. How are they doing now?

Can immortality be realized?

Once the myth “journey to the west” pointed out that eating Tangseng meat can live forever, but where does Tangseng meat come from in real life? This is a completely absurd statement. In history, a Russian scientist made a bold experiment. He claimed that he had found longevity bacteria. He was Anatoly bruckov. At that time, his speech caused a sensation all over the world. But what he never thought was that he took the bacteria directly into his body to verify whether he had the ability to live forever.

Scientists inject themselves with 3.5 million year old bacteria

Many people want to know the final result. What he said about the long-lived bacteria is Bacillus F. it came from 3.5 million years ago. As a kind of microorganism, it has very strong vitality. It is often sealed in extreme environments and rarely appears in the vision of human beings. He also discovered this bacteria by accident. Due to global warming, the melting rate of glaciers is increasing Speed up. Bacillus f was discovered by Russian scientists. At the beginning, he didn’t know its function, so he took Bacillus f into a mouse. He thought the mouse could not be saved, but an accident happened.

It not only becomes young, but also has the ability to reproduce, so a crazy idea stays in his mind, what happens when this bacteria is injected into his body? He did the experiment with himself very quickly, but he was disappointed. He didn’t come back to life like a mouse. However, in the last two years, he didn’t have any serious disease. So he thought that Bacillus f had a great effect, at least it could improve a person’s immunity. As for the truth of the incident? I don’t know.

A person from birth to death, this is a necessary process, no one can change. This scientist’s crazy behavior makes many people difficult to understand. It is not only irresponsible for life, but also misleading some people to move in the wrong direction. To respect nature and maintain a harmonious relationship with nature is the most important thing for human beings, rather than doing meaningless things. Do you think there is a way of eternal life in the world? You can leave a message for interaction.

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