Creatures that existed 500 million years ago are not even afraid of nuclear weapons, or they may become the hope for the future of mankind

Ancient humans have observed outer space with telescopes, and its mystery attracts us all. Today, with the continuous development of science, human beings are finally able to carry their own tools into space to better explore the mysteries of space. The former Soviet Union and the United States are the first countries in the world to enter space. China and other countries have also begun to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Man is the intelligent life on the earth. He not only controls the initiative of all the resources on the earth, but also has a significant impact on the fate of the earth. Even at this stage, human beings are not satisfied with being the “overlord” of the earth. They also want to give up the dilapidated earth under development and live on other planets in the universe.

Today, human understanding of space is no longer the first bit and a half, but we have not stopped the pace of scientific research. Even our country, such as our country and the United States, is also looking for other planets suitable for human existence besides the earth. However, at present, we have not found any planets in the universe that conform to the earth’s environment. So some countries continue to increase experiments, and even want to take the life on earth to other planets for experiments.

However, the environmental conditions in outer space are very bad, which is a great test for any kind of creatures. Therefore, those creatures with lower requirements for living environment naturally become the only choice for scientists. So, is there any living thing on earth that can survive in such a bad environment?

Generally speaking, our definition of harsh environment is extreme high temperature and extreme cold. In other words, in areas with few people, such as desert, we think that the living environment is harsh. But there are still many places where the environment is bad, such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some people think that once they are exposed to super strong radiation, these organisms will be basically unable to survive. But there is another kind of creature, called “invincible.”.

It is the “water bear”. The water bear is a slow-moving animal. Its size is very small, and the largest is only 1.4 mm. However, its vitality is extremely strong. It has a low temperature requirement at 5546 meters above the sea and 4000 meters below the deep sea. It can survive for 2 minutes at – 272 ℃ or 181 ℃ and in vacuum. According to the collected fossils, it can be inferred that water bears existed 500 million years ago.

So scientists believe that if there are creatures on earth that can survive in the harsh environment of space, water bear will be the first choice for scientific experiments. As early as 2003, Swedish scientists sent the “little class bear” into space. Small class bear worms can still survive and ovulate in space. Many subsequent scientific experiments showed that slow-moving animals could survive in vacuum and radiation for 10 days.

In February, Israel also launched a manned spacecraft carrying the water bear into space, targeting the moon. However, when approaching, he hit the moon by mistake. Some scientists speculate that the samples of these insects may now be “suspended”. A German scientist also pointed out that the extremely strong survival ability of slow animals is very important for scientific experiments and may bring new surprises.

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