Cremation is going to be eliminated? Wuhan is trying out a new way. Why are so many people afraid to accept it?

Human beings can’t escape the fate of death when they live on the earth. Chinese people pay attention to returning to their roots and settling in peace. Even today, with the development of science and technology, cremation is still the way most people choose. After all, there is no resurrection from the dead in the world. No one knows what the world will look like after death. Human beings are very good at handling the remains of their relatives.

In ancient times, the social concept was very stupid. At that time, burial was popular in ancient people, because it could keep people healthy. With the development of social level and the change of ideas, there are more and more people in the world. In fact, people in different regions have different ways of funeral. Even in China, funeral customs of different nationalities are different.

Celestial burial

The Mongolians are rebellious, and what they believe in is celestial burial. In fact, this is a very environmentally friendly way. When their relatives die, they put their bodies on the heights of the mountains and let the eagles prey on them. This means that after the death of human beings, the soul will return to the sky, and the cleaner it is eaten, the more blessed it is. However, due to the deep love of the Han people for the land, we also pay attention to returning to the roots, so we say that going to the earth is the most common way of funeral for the Han people.

Ice burial

Although cremation has become the most common way of funeral, with the change of the earth’s environment and the serious air pollution, living also accelerates the emission of greenhouse gases to a certain extent, so cremation is also facing the situation of elimination in the future. In Wuhan, a new way of funeral is popular now. Many netizens find it unacceptable after seeing this way. In fact, this new way is called ice funeral. With ice burial, the ashes can go anywhere they want.

Ice burial is based on the principle of liquid nitrogen. In our opinion, liquid nitrogen is like boiling water, but in fact, the temperature of liquid nitrogen reaches minus 196 degrees Celsius. When human remains enter the liquid nitrogen environment, they will become very hard. Then scientists will use ultrasound to pulverize the remains, leaving only a pile of residues. This kind of treatment is very environmentally friendly, The whole process will not produce pollution.

Ice burial is one of the most environmentally-friendly funeral methods in the world. In fact, ice burial also has its source. Eskimos use ice burial. When the old man knows that he is going to die soon, he will tell the child that he needs a piece of animal skin to sleep. Then the child will dig an ice hole, put the old man in, cover the animal skin, and finally freeze the hole, and the old man will die in the cold environment. Five days later, the old man’s children will dig a small hole, so that the old man’s soul will enter the world. I don’t know what you think of this kind of funeral?

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