“Crossing switch” hidden in human brain, scientist: CNO stimulates Q nerve to realize “crossing”

In this world, the only thing we can’t control is time. We can stop or change the development of anything, but we can’t do anything about it. If one day time can be controlled, I believe that many people’s greatest wish is to go back to the past or to the future in a time shuttle. So in the near future, can we really turn on the switch of time travel?

Biologists find the “time travel switch” that can only travel through the future but not back to the past

Relevant physicists have read an article about marine microorganisms sinking into the seabed for more than 100 million years from a British magazine report. From the content of this article, physicists have found a technical switch that can soon travel through time and space. A lot of people ask, “is this technology wormhole? “Of course not. It’s just a way to get through the future. Ten years ago, biologists went to Antarctica to study the longest life span of microorganisms in the world. This is the forbidden area for the death of the earth. At that time, biologists directly aimed at the seabed more than 6000 meters below the sea. After continuous drilling, biologists found microorganisms that had been sleeping on the seabed for more than 100 million years, and then put them on the sea again Microorganisms are brought back to the laboratory for further study. This research makes biologists panic. With the continuous reproduction of microorganisms, it completely overthrows the previous biologists’ cognition of life. It turns out that hibernation in the animal kingdom can turn on the technology switch through the future.


Hibernation is a very common phenomenon in nature. During hibernation, the body temperature of animals will gradually decrease, the heart rate will slow down, and the metabolic rate will also decrease. If disturbed by the external environment, these hibernating animals will immediately wake up and return to normal state. In fact, the whole process from hibernation to awakening is a process in which animals travel through time and space. This process is short for months, sometimes for years or even decades.

Why can’t humans Hibernate? Japanese scientists have found a new switch on the technology of crossing time and space

Since animals can hibernate, why can’t humans Hibernate? In fact, scientists have confirmed in their research that human beings can not hibernate is the result of evolution, because human beings do not have hibernation genes. If hibernation can turn on the time machine through the future, how to turn on the switch of human hibernation?


In order to study this technology, scientists specially did the “zombie dog” experiment. When the dog entered the state of death, scientists injected new blood into the dog. In the experiment, scientists found that when the dog woke up, brain cell damage would occur. This experiment still failed. However, scientists targeted more than 200 “zombie pigs”. The results showed that Zombie pigs can come back from the dead and turn on the hibernation switch.

But how can this experiment be applied to humans themselves? After repeated investigations and studies, scientists have found that hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas, can replace oxygen, which may be the only way to turn on the hibernation switch. In order to conduct in-depth research on this experiment, scientists also found investors and set up companies to conduct clinical trials on more than 1000 critically ill patients in American hospitals. In less than a year, more than 1000 lives were finally saved. Somehow, this clinical trial was suddenly stopped, claiming that it had nothing to do with safety and was stopped.

Not long after the hydrogen sulfide experiment was stopped, Japanese scientists discovered a new research, that is, there is a hormone called CNO, which can turn on the hibernation switch. This experiment is based on the personal experience of a Japanese citizen. At that time, the citizen followed his friends to climb the mountain. As a result, he suffered an accidental fracture and stayed in the deep mountain alone. After parting with his friends, he lay in the deep mountain with the temperature less than 10 degrees for 24 days. After being found and rescued, he finally recovered. Japanese scientists call his 24 days hibernation and died in his sleep I found a kind of terror hormone in my body, which is CNO hormone. In the experiment, Japanese scientists found that CNO hormone can stimulate Q nerve. After the experiment on mice, they found that this way can turn on the hibernation switch directly, realizing the technology of crossing the future. Scientists call this realization artificial hibernation technology, human can sleep for several years or even decades. I believe that in the near future, artificial hibernation technology will become a normal phenomenon, no matter where, human beings can use this technology to realize the future crossing.


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