“Crossing time and space” may come true. Scientists have discovered that the secret may be in the human brain!

The survival mechanism of the human body is limited, if a person rashly into the ice and snow, it is likely to be frozen to death. In history, there have been such things. Many people have entered the cold space. Although they are frozen, they have also successfully recovered. After the recovery, there is no abnormality in the body and no sequelae left.


In our opinion, this is simply a miracle of life. This is because human beings have a traditional cognition that if they enter the cold environment, their bodies will freeze, their senses and heartbeat will gradually disappear, and even the needles can not be inserted into their bodies. In this case, they are generally dead. The fact tells us that the vitality of the human body is very strong. Even in extreme circumstances, many people can still overcome the low temperature and survive. This is not a miracle, nor is it human sexuality, which can be explained scientifically.

Defense mechanism of human body


There is a defense mechanism in the human body. If human beings enter an extremely harsh environment, this mechanism will be re opened, and human beings will enter a state similar to hibernation. With less energy consumption, they can maintain the basic metabolism of the body. It is precisely because of this situation that human body functions are not affected, and those who successfully wake up are not left behind It’s a legacy. In the eyes of many people, hibernation is a way of life that many animals will have. How can humans Hibernate? Although this is too different from our common sense, with the exploration of scientists, we also found that there is a possibility of hibernation mechanism in the human body.


In Japan, there is a man named naiyue Guangxiao, who has a unique experience. He hibernated for 24 days on a mountain with a temperature lower than 10 degrees Celsius. When he was rescued by human beings, his temperature was only 22 degrees, his heart beat and breath stopped, and his weight dropped by 14 Jin. Naiyue Guangxiao looks like he has no vital signs, but in fact, he just triggers the slow decline of the body’s functional metabolic rate, so as to ensure the blood supply of the body. When he successfully wakes up, he does not have any discomfort.

Time Leap?


Scientists believe that this mechanism is actually a self-protection consciousness evolved by human beings in ancient times. However, with the improvement of living standards, modern people can no longer use it, so this mechanism will be in a dormant state. After seeing this phenomenon, scientists also studied it. If we can find the switch to control dormancy, does it mean that we can overcome all kinds of problems Can we even be fearless of the flow of time? In a sense, it’s time travel.


So the mystery of the human body is infinite. The switch that scientists found to control the dormancy state is actually located in the Q nerve of the hypothalamus. We have created advanced technology civilization, but there are still many secrets waiting for human to explore. I don’t know what you think?

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