Crown prince Yinren let Kangxi very dissatisfied, two stand two waste, only to the crown princess is highly praised

In the early Qing Dynasty, there were many sons of Kangxi. As one of them, Yinren was established as the crown prince just when she was one year old, which can be described as a collection of thousands of love. But as a child, Yinren was very competitive. He was intelligent and eager to learn from childhood, and had both literature and martial arts. He was not only proficient in hundreds of classics and ancient poetry, but also proficient in Manchuria bow and horse riding and shooting. He became a descendant of the emperor to worship, and supervised the country several times. His achievements made him famous both inside and outside the court.

After he became a prince, he naturally had to choose a princess for him when he grew up, which made Kangxi worried. As his favorite son, he was still the prince. The princess must be a virtuous, virtuous and leading woman. After all, she would be the mother of the harem in the future.

In the 23rd year of Kangxi’s reign, Kangxi visited the south. At that time, Shi Wenbing was the vice governor of Zhengbai banner stationed in Hangzhou. When Kangxi returned to Beijing, he shouldered the duty of escort. That is, on the way back to Beijing, Kangxi learned about guarga in the process of chatting.

Guaerjia is a soldier of the Han Dynasty in Zhengbai banner. He was born in a family of meritorious officials. His ancestors were from Manchuria. Later, because he moved to Liaodong where Manchu and Han lived together, he took Shi as his surname, also known as Shi. His ancestors were all generals of the Eight Banners in three generations, and they were relied on by emperors of all dynasties. As a result of living together with the Han nationality, although guaerjia is of Manchurian origin, she was influenced by Confucian culture when she was young. She did not have the shrewd personality of Manchurian women at all. On the contrary, she was knowledgeable and reasonable, courteous and virtuous, and became a lady of a big family.

Kangxi is very happy after learning about guaerjia’s character and her background. Isn’t this the good daughter-in-law he wants to find for Prince Yinren? His character was very good, and his family was in good condition. More importantly, after the Qing soldiers entered the pass, the contradiction between Manchu and Han was always a headache for Kangxi. He wanted the Han people to accept Manchu. At the same time, Kangxi began to put some Han people in power. At that time, Shi Wenbing had great prestige among the Han people. If naonao marries his daughter guaerjia, isn’t it a good opportunity to promote the Manchu and Han families.

In this way, the Kangxi marriage, guar Jia became the Crown Princess of Kangxi. After the wedding, he entered Yuqing palace.

Kangxi dotes on Prince Yinren all the time, no matter what it is, he always responds to whatever he wants. But if he dotes on Prince Yinren too much, he is easy to develop a domineering and domineering character. Although Prince Yinren’s ability is very good, he was spoiled by Pang when he was young. When he grew up, his character was a little distorted. Especially for Kangxi to find him the daughter-in-law is not very satisfied, so everywhere to find a woman. Among all the princes, Yinren had more than a dozen wives and concubines, the most. Among these wives and concubines, the most prominent one in her family was guaerjia. However, apart from having a daughter two years after her marriage, guarga has no record of giving birth. As for Yinren, there are as many as 26 children. It can be seen that guaerjia and his husband and wife are not friendly.

As a child, Yinren was spoiled by Kangxi. He was extremely cruel and indulgent in his life. She often went to the folk to buy talented women. As a wife, guarga had a strong obsession with the three cardinal principles and five constant principles since she was a child, so she could only turn a blind eye. Later, Kangxi really couldn’t see what Yinren had done, so he abolished his crown prince position, and the Crown Princess position of guar Jia’s family disappeared. But later Kangxi restored Yinren’s crown prince position, perhaps because he thought that Yinren’s constant reflection for a period of time should be able to turn for the better. But I didn’t expect that Yinren didn’t know how to repent. When he became the crown prince again, he became even worse. He even colluded with the minister and tried to support himself to sit on the Dragon chair as soon as possible.

When Kangxi found out, he was furious, deposed his crown prince again, and banned him in Xian’an palace. Guaerjia, who was not long after the restoration of the crown princess, was also implicated. She was once again taken back the book treasure, and together with other wives and concubines, she was banned with Yinren. Two times, the innocent guarga fell into fear, and soon died of depression.

After guaerjia’s death, Kangxi was very sad. He didn’t pity his son, but it was a pity for his daughter-in-law. This daughter-in-law was found by himself for Yinren. She was virtuous and virtuous. She never complained about anything, but she was a disheartened husband. Later, at the same time, Kangxi personally ordered the Imperial Academy to write a memorial ceremony for him, and still buried him according to the treatment of the crown princess.

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