Curiosity is here again! Face sculpture appears on the surface of Mars, or it is related to “Moai statue”!

Mars has always been an important choice for human beings to explore the universe. Yesterday, China successfully launched tianwen-1 into space, officially opening a new journey to Mars. In the decades of scientific and technological development, many countries have launched probes to Mars, most of which ended in failure. People’s curiosity about Mars lies in its environment. According to the photo data sent back, Mars may have the same environment as the earth a long time ago. Some time ago, curiosity took a picture of a statue similar to a human face.

All along, more and more people begin to believe that there was life on Mars a long time ago. This picture taken by curiosity confirms this view to a certain extent. From the photos, we can see that on the uneven surface of Mars, there is a sculpture similar to a human face. When scientists put this picture on the rocket research website, many netizens speculated about the statue. Maybe this grotesque statue was left by aliens who lived on Mars.

Some people think that the statue on Mars is Moai

A fanatical alien civilization enthusiast said that this mysterious statue may have something to do with Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. This island also has a very strong legendary color. According to him, this island has an alien civilization. When the aliens arrived on this island, they built various statues for themselves, and then disappeared mysteriously. These statues are Moai statues.

Polynesian civilization

Maybe Mars civilization

Moai statue is an unsolved mystery in the world. There has been a lot of discussion about its origin. Many people think that Moai statue may be related to Polynesian civilization, which may come from Mars. According to the satellite photos, the statues on Mars seem to be similar to Moai statues. It’s no wonder that people connect them. These people think that Martians are very advanced in science and technology. They can travel through the universe and enter various planets. Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean is one of their landing places. After leaving a statue in this place, they return to Mars and continue their next journey.

Experts think sculpture may be rock

It seems that there are some big brain holes in this statement. It is arbitrary to think that it is related to the Moai statue only by relying on one picture. Scientists believe that the statue is not a trace of life, perhaps because of the angle of Mars shooting, human beings have a visual deviation after seeing this picture. This sculpture is not a face statue, but an ordinary Martian rock.

Today, the mystery of Mars has not yet been revealed. Fortunately, China has launched tianwen-1, and more and more countries have begun to explore Mars. Xiaobian believes that in the near future, the face of Mars will be truly presented to us. What do you think this mysterious sculpture is?

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