Dad accompanied his daughter to review the biology test, but unexpectedly found a lump with cancer

January 30 (Xinhua) a British man accompanied his 17-year-old daughter to review her biology exam last year. He stroked his neck to find the location of the lymph node according to the textbook, but he found a hard lump. He was diagnosed with metastatic oropharyngeal cancer after admission examination, and then began a series of treatments. The man has now recovered.

Jonathan Jenkyn, a 43 year old British father with five children, accompanied his 17-year-old daughter Alice at home to review GCSE biology tests last year, according to reports.

“Alice is not very good at science, but I’m good at it,” he said. “We happened to review the topic about cancer together that day and found that cancer was really lucky.”

That night, the two parents reviewed the topic of lymphatic system together. When Jonathan pointed to his neck and showed his daughter the location of lymph nodes, he accidentally touched a small lump the size of a grape that had never been found before.

They then discussed the cause of the mass. “I explained that the lymph nodes would be inflamed for different reasons, but I assured her that I would go for an examination.”.

Jonathan then went to the hospital for examination. A few weeks later, he was diagnosed with metastatic oropharyngeal cancer. He then started chemotherapy and electrotherapy for six weeks according to the doctor’s instructions.

Doctors described him as very lucky, and even said that if the tumor was not found in time, he might not live until 2020. Fortunately, after a round of treatment, he has recovered.

Alice said that she had never thought that reviewing together with her father would bring such a huge change to the family’s life. “It’s really good for my father to recover and go home. It’s really sad to see him seriously ill. It’s a big blow for me to feed my father during the treatment.”.

Jonathan, a successful cancer fighter, joked: “the biggest lesson learned this time is that you have to help your child review the exam.”

At present, Jonathan is committed to raising money for the hospital, hoping to help more patients who have the same experience with him. “It’s really scary to recall the process of disease resistance, but the medical staff have given me a very clear direction of rehabilitation. The whole radiotherapy team’s efforts are incredible. They treat me like a prince from the beginning to the end, and I’m very grateful for what they have done.”.

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