Dark energy: Einstein’s mistake, how does it control the fate of the universe?

When Einstein first proposed the concept of general relativity, he added a fixed number, which became a cosmological constant to stabilize the universe. Later, he said that it was the biggest food he had ever eaten, because recently some physicists came up with this number and realized that the constant in the universe is likely to represent something else, that is, dark energy. But does this mysterious energy have to be stable?


Dark energy is one of the biggest mysteries of modern science. We know that it accounts for 68% of the universe, while it and dark matter account for 95% of the whole universe. But we don’t know anything else. Dark matter can easily be regarded as the energy density of a kind of blank space, but in the eyes of astronomers, dark matter reveals another secret of the universe – accelerating the expansion of the universe.

For accelerating expansion, many people’s most likely explanation is that there is a huge force in the universe that can overcome gravity and push the universe away, namely dark energy. Now, we are still in the early stage of trying to solve these mysteries. Most scientists now believe that the total amount of dark energy in the universe is constant, accounting for 68% of the total dark energy. But some theories say it’s wrong. The dark level changes with time.


If the amount of dark energy suddenly increases in the universe, the first question is where do these increases come from?


According to the law of conservation of energy, the universe is a closed system, and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Since the big bang, there has been energy in the universe, and there will never be “extra energy”.

But if, as some people think, the increase in dark matter must come from somewhere. There are many theories about “somewhere.”. Maybe the energy from the parallel world seeps into our universe, or the seemingly unexplained energy actually comes from an unknown region of the universe. But elsewhere, studies have shown that dark energy may be generated by increasing the transformation of dark matter. In this way, in the same process, can dark matter eventually be transformed from visible matter while reducing the total amount of visible matter? So far, we have no evidence of this process.


But Einstein’s energy formula shows that matter and energy can be converted to each other. If dark energy increases during the conversion, then our universe may gradually disappear. Although it will not be at a very obvious speed, it is very real.


Expansion of the universe

No matter where dark energy comes from, our main understanding of dark energy is that it is the cause of the accelerated expansion of the universe. So as the dark energy increases, it expands faster. One reason it’s so bad is that it reduces the possibility of humans entering space.


As the universe expands, the distance between galaxies will get farther and farther. That is to say, although we are studying how to travel in space, the journey we need to complete in the universe is getting longer and longer. Determining the increase in dark energy will mean that we need to update our current understanding of basic physics, thereby triggering a revolution in this field. On the other hand, if the theory that dark energy equals the disappearance of visible matter is confirmed, the future reality will collapse completely.


On the other hand, we will know that the universe is expanding at a faster rate than we had previously predicted, as if the universe itself is trying to avoid bringing intelligent life into contact with each other. Even if human beings have the technology of flying at the speed of light, when the universe expands faster than the speed of light, the distance between galaxies will become an insurmountable obstacle. The sound of space will become quieter and eventually self destruct.

Dark matter is a mysterious matter. It may be Einstein’s cosmological constant, but not necessarily. There are infinite possibilities in the universe. Who can predict the future? Maybe the answer is in your heart.

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