Deep in the universe, the radio signal is coming, and human beings are very worried, or the invasion signal of advanced civilization

In order to find the extraterrestrials in the universe, human beings on earth constantly send our unique signals to outer space. The idea is good. Scientists all hope to find extraterrestrials one day, so as to prove that the earth is not alone in the universe, but it is also dangerous to send signals. If the malicious civilization extraterrestrials receive it, it will be a big trouble.

In November 2017, the United States launched three electromagnetic waves to gj273b, including music and science courses. This is a kind of friendly greeting, but soon, NASA scientists received a wave of strong signals deep in the universe, which not only excited scientists, but also aroused the curiosity of astronomy lovers all over the world! This signal is very regular, which means that it is most likely a response from an alien civilization in the universe. They got our signal?

Hawking has repeatedly hinted that: contact with aliens is risky, if encounter unfriendly aliens, will put the earth in a dangerous place. According to the data released by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, through the latest research, this signal is likely to come from some advanced civilization, according to our 3 billion light years. And the more intense signals from Arecibo are more disturbing. NASA said that according to the signal strength, the signal is likely to come from a highly magnetized space, most likely from a neutron star.

Just now I said that the signal is regular, and the low brightness, symbiotic black hole is compatible with the characteristics of long-lasting wireless power supply, which makes scientists firmly believe that it was launched by the intervention of some advanced civilization! This 500 times stronger radio wave has never been seen before! It seems that the aliens who emit radio waves are more advanced and developed than our human society. NASA experts said: such a strong tuned radio signal, but also from a supernova or black hole, so strong, it is likely to be aggressive.

If this signal is really as scientists say, and the content expressed is aggressive, then the cosmic signal sent by the earth civilization may be received by the other party, and it also gives us a response, but this response is not friendly. Maybe you think it’s impossible for aliens to come to the earth at a distance of 3 billion light years, but there is no absolute truth. We can’t judge the technological level of advanced civilization in the universe from the perspective of Earth Science and technology. How many years has earth science and technology developed? It’s only a few hundred years, and the advanced civilization in the universe may have developed at least 10000 years earlier than the earth, or even hundreds of millions of years.

The earth is a very young planet. If there are alien civilizations on those ancient planets in the universe, we can’t understand their technology. Maybe 3 billion light years is a distant distance for our earth, but it’s not too far for advanced alien civilization. If advanced civilization has mastered super light speed flight and made wormholes The distance between the universe is nothing.

There may be more aliens in the universe than we think, and there are many advanced civilizations, but our human science and technology have just come out of the earth, and we are unable to carry out interstellar navigation, and we are unable to really touch these alien civilizations. But one thing is for sure, the universe is not so peaceful. As long as it is life, there will be competition, not to mention between different ethnic civilizations. If your military strength does not reach the level of fearless space war, it is quite dangerous to contact with aliens. As Hawking said: aliens are not all good people, bad people are also many.

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