Deep in the universe, there is a powerful energy explosion, which is the ultimate energy in Nikola Tesla’s dream

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Hundreds of years ago, mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development. The power of science and technology is incomparable. With the help of scientific power, human civilization ushered in a period of rapid development, which not only made people’s life better and better, but also broke through the limitations of the earth, went out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

The reason why human science and technology can develop so fast is that in more than three centuries, many great scientists have been born, such as Newton, Einstein and so on. In fact, in addition to these great scientists as we all know, there is another scientist whose achievements are no less than Einstein’s. some people even think that his achievements may still be above Einstein’s. This great scientist is Nicholas Tesla.

I believe everyone who is very interested in science knows this scientist, but many people only know Einstein, but Newton doesn’t know Nicolas Tesla. If you go to the street to interview some people, everyone knows about Einstein, but if you ask Nikolay Tesla, maybe not many people know.

Nicolas Tesla’s scientific exploration covers a wide range of fields, from physics to machinery to electricity. As long as he is interested in science, he will study and explore it. Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Sri Lanka, Croatia, Yugoslavia. In 1895, he made generator sets for Niagara power station, which is still one of the world’s famous hydropower stations. In 1897, he made Marconi’s radio communication theory come true. In 1898, he built the world’s first radio remote control ship, and the radio remote control technology was patented. In 1899, he invented X-ray photography. Other inventions include: Radio, radar, fax machine, vacuum tube, neon tube, missile navigation, etc.

Although he devoted all his life to continuous research and obtained about 1000 patents, it did not make him rich, and Tesla was in financial difficulties for many years. On January 7, 1943, Tesla died of heart failure at the New York Hotel at the age of 86. In 2003, Elon Musk named Tesla after his idol Tesla.

Nicholas Tesla also has a title, which is magneto. Why do people give him that name? It turns out that it is very great and terrible in the study of magnetic energy. We all know that the earth is surrounded by a strong magnetic field. It is with the existence of the magnetic field that the earth can defend against all kinds of strong radiation from the universe and protect the safety of life on earth.

Magnetism is a kind of very powerful and terrible energy. In many people’s eyes, nuclear energy is probably the most powerful energy. A nuclear bomb can cause very serious damage. But this level of energy is still not comparable to magnetic energy. In 1899, Tesla successfully created artificial lightning in the laboratory, which produced a strong earthquake in a large area.

Through this experiment, Tesla realized that magnetic energy may be the most powerful and terrible energy in the universe, so Tesla later focused on the exploration of magnetic energy, and he dreamed of creating the most powerful ultimate energy. However, until his death, Tesla’s dream of the final energy of the magnetic field did not come true. It can be seen that the mastery of this kind of magnetic field is far more complex than imagined, and it may have gone far beyond the level of nuclear energy.

With the continuous improvement of human detection technology, scientists can often observe some super energy bursts in the universe. Some people may think that the powerful energy bursts in the universe are the nuclear fusion bursts inside stars? But in fact, in all kinds of energy levels in the vast universe, nuclear fusion of stars is nothing at all. It is the final level of energy on earth, but in the universe, it can only be regarded as the medium level of energy.

On top of the energy of stellar fusion are the energy of black holes, neutron stars, fast radio bursts and even more mysterious and powerful dark energy. At present, the strongest energy burst observed by human beings is fast radio storm, but we have little understanding about it, and we don’t know what fast radio storm is? Some people even speculate that this will not be issued by alien civilization?

In addition to rapid radio bursts, another powerful energy burst is magnetostar, which is a branch of neutron star with extremely strong magnetic field. As we all know, neutron star is the product of supernova explosion and evolution when the life of massive star reaches the end of the day. Although its volume is small, its density is terrible. It can be said that neutron star is the most dense object outside black hole.

Since magnetostar is a branch of neutron star, it naturally inherits the characteristics of super density of neutron star. In addition, it has an extremely strong magnetic field and can emit strong X-ray and gamma ray. Therefore, scientists can easily find the explosive energy of some magnetostars through astronomical telescopes. In the past 40 years, there have been at least three gamma ray bursts from magnetostar that have hit the earth for less than a tenth of a second. The first magnetostar gamma ray burst was detected in 1973. This kind of object is similar to neutron star, and its diameter is smaller than Manhattan Island, but the strong radiation can shine on half a galaxy. At present, this kind of energy release has been basically understood.

Magnetostars are far away from the earth, and they are basically hundreds of light-years or more. If far away, the radiation produced by its explosion can reach the earth, which shows how powerful the magnetic energy is. Through the explosion of magnetar energy, scientists really realized the power of the magnetic field, and understood how great Tesla was when he dared to study the magnetic field and made some achievements.

The strong energy of magnetostar comes from the short opening of the twisted magnetic field, which is also the unstable place of magnetostar. The whole process takes less than one second. Each release of energy is almost 30% of the total magnetic field energy of magnetostar. The energy mode of magnetic field is different from other energy modes. Unlike the nuclear explosion, it can directly see the huge energy explosion.

The energy explosion of magnetic field is often invisible. It is equivalent to a kind of space energy, which can distort space and produce terrible power far beyond nuclear energy. If a rocky planet like the earth relies on a nuclear bomb, it is impossible to tear it apart. Even if millions or tens of millions of hydrogen nuclei explode together, it can only destroy the surface structure, but the interior of the earth will not be greatly affected.

However, if we use the powerful magnetic field energy to attack intensively, it may split the earth in an instant, which is why Tesla only conducted a small artificial lightning experiment, but caused a large-scale strong earthquake. It can be seen that the research and exploration of magnetic field should be very careful. It is still a kind of energy that can not be mastered by human beings at present. Once the manipulation is wrong, it may bring disaster.

At the same time, we also understand that real science is actually in the universe, and all kinds of powerful energy that human beings long for can be found in the universe. We know the power of nuclear fusion energy through stars and the power of magnetic field through magnetic field. In the future, we can also see more powerful and terrible dark energy through dark matter. If human beings want to really become the overlord of the universe and uncover the ultimate mystery of the universe, they must master these powerful energies. When we master all kinds of powerful energy in the universe, maybe the universe will no longer have secrets in front of human beings.

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