Diamonds are not the most expensive. The most expensive is this kind of stone. Once it is born, it will be robbed

If you want to ask what women like best, it’s either jewelry or diamonds, or jewelry with diamonds. It’s not only women who love diamonds, but also men. Nowadays, the diamond ring is one of the indispensable love keepsakes for the two newlyweds. Both East and West, diamonds are the symbol of love and loyalty, representing eternity.

At present, the total amount of diamonds found in the world has reached about 1.8 billion carats, but only less than 100 million carats have been mined by human beings, and it is very difficult to mine diamonds. Therefore, the price of diamonds is often very high. If they are of good quality and high purity, they can be sold at sky high prices. Although diamond is known as the “king of gems”, but there is a kind of stone, diamond can not be compared with it, it has extraordinary significance and unique value.

This kind of stone is the alien meteorite. Although diamonds are scarce and valuable, meteorites are relatively rare and do not exist on the earth. Unlike diamonds, we can take the initiative to mine them. We can only passively accept meteorites. Scientists say that although we can’t control the arrival of meteorites, our earth will receive 50000 tons of this special “gift” every day. Most of these “meteorites” that deviate from the original orbit burn up when they are scattered at an altitude of 10 to 40 miles above the earth. Only a few fragments land on the earth, which is difficult to find even if they land on land. Although most of them are meteorites the size of ordinary rocks, some “big guys” have successfully landed.

China has a meteorite called “silver camel”, which is the third largest in the world and the largest iron meteorite in China. In 1898, the meteorite with a volume of about 3.5 cubic meters and a weight of about 30 tons was found in Qinghe County, Xinjiang. Its surface is uneven, and its shape is irregular cone, and it contains six kinds of cosmic minerals, which are of great significance. It was transported to Urumqi in July 1965, and is now stored in the Xinjiang Museum of Geology and mineral resources of China and exhibited in the Xinjiang exhibition hall. In history, a large-scale meteorite fall occurred in Qinghe County, Xinjiang. The scattered area, scale and quantity of meteorite fragments are extremely amazing, which can be called the most in the world.

The largest and most complete preserved iron meteorite in the world is in a small northern town in Namibia, Africa, at the HOBA farm in Fontaine, helut. Since falling to the ground, the HOBA meteorite has been buried in the soil for tens of thousands of years. It wasn’t until 1920 that the developers of the HOBA farm accidentally dug it out of the soil. The large meteorite is 2.95 meters long, 2.84 meters wide, and 0.75 to 1.22 meters thick. It is placed in the middle of an ancient Greek theater. This meteorite has a long history. It is said that it was formed between 190 million and 410 million years ago and fell to the earth only 50000 to 80000 years ago.

The value of meteorite has always been very unique, whether large or small, it is something that does not exist on the earth. Now there are also many meteorite enthusiasts to observe and collect. Scientists also study and discover the environment and laws outside our earth through these “outsiders” to improve the aviation field of human beings.

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