Did American soldiers ever catch pterosaurs? Did the dinosaurs not die out when their wings were 16 meters long?

Dinosaurs were once the overlord of the earth. We can only understand them through fossils. 65 million years ago, an asteroid fell to the earth, and the atmosphere was covered with heavy dust. The earth immediately began to cool down, and dinosaurs withdrew from the stage of history. In our opinion, dinosaurs are too far away from us. Only some birds have become the descendants of dinosaurs. This large animal has long disappeared on the earth, but during the civil war in the United States, there were soldiers taking pictures with dinosaurs. Is that true?


There’s a pterosaur?

At that time, the situation in the United States was still very chaotic. Many soldiers also fought bravely to kill the enemy on the battlefield. During this process, when some soldiers were patrolling in the forest, they found a huge unknown creature in the air. In order to ensure the safety of the soldiers, they began to aim at this unknown creature. When the unidentified creature was shot down, the soldiers rushed forward to watch, and the result was startling. The unidentified creature was like a huge bird, only a pair of wings was 16 meters long. At that time, the soldiers had never seen such a creature, so they planned to take a picture with this monster, which was a kind of memorial.


With the passage of time, this old picture was discovered. When scientists saw this picture, they found that the largest bird in the picture was the same as pterosaur. Didn’t pterosaur die out? Are there dinosaurs in some parts of the world? After this photo spread to the Internet, it caused a lot of controversy. Some people think that dinosaurs have long disappeared on the earth. This photo must have been synthesized in the later stage. In order to test the authenticity of this photo, professionals also wrote their own identification. They found that this photo has no synthetic trace, but is real.


Is the photo synthetic?

Some scientists think that there are obvious synthetic traces in this photo, but they can’t find the synthetic traces. In 2017, many scientists think that this photo is real. Later, someone put forward a view that human beings can find the information of soldiers in the photo to see whether such things happened in that year, and if these soldiers really exist Isn’t it much easier to investigate dinosaurs?


Up to now, this picture is still inconclusive. Many people think that even if there is no synthetic trace in this picture, the unknown creatures in the picture should not be pterosaurs. Dinosaurs have long been extinct due to the drastic changes of the earth’s environment. Maybe the unknown creatures in the picture are just other species similar to dinosaurs.


Seeing this, Xiaobian has to admire the mystery of nature. Even though our technology level is very high, there are still some limitations in the face of some historical events. I don’t know what you think of this picture?

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