Did human ancestors appear in the age of dinosaurs? It’s only about 2 liang in weight

After just over 100000 years of evolution and development, human beings have now become the overlord of the food chain. We can go to heaven or go to the sea. But if we turn our attention from the biological chain to the earth, then human beings are not worth mentioning. The earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. We don’t know how many overlords have been born in this period of history, and the one with the strongest combat power is the one It’s better than dinosaurs. In fact, in the age of dinosaurs, an animal suspected of our ancestors was born. We humans belong to mammals, and this animal may be one of the ancestors of mammals (from this point of view, it may really be our ancestors). This animal’s name is pulgatori monkey. At that time, pulgatori monkey grew up in pulgatori mountain in North America. At that time, the climate in North America was suitable and the plants were luxuriant, which was the most suitable environment for animals to live in.


Although the purgatori monkey is called monkey, it looks very much like a rat, with a long tail and thick hair. Its shape is very similar to the present squirrel, but its tail is not as exaggerated as the squirrel. However, although it looks like a mouse, it is totally different from a mouse in other aspects. Because it has limbs similar to primates, and it is a arboreal animal with huge claws, it is classified as Hou. It lived at the end of the dinosaur era. It belongs to the species of the end of the dinosaur era. However, it is very interesting that the puigatori monkey, which is suspected to be our ancestor, is very light. Its weight is only about 100g (2 liang). This weight can be called a micro organism in the biological world at that time. Now we have reached more than 100kg, which is really evolutionary It’s amazing.

What’s very interesting is that the teeth of the pulgatori monkey are very developed. It has many teeth, including molars with relatively low crowns. These molars are mainly used for eating various fruits. The very comprehensive and precise teeth can make the pulgatori monkey easily bite fruits and chew them, which is very similar to our current primates. Although the purgatori monkey is small, its vitality is not weak at all. When the dinosaurs died out, the purgatori monkey could survive very well, which has a great relationship with its small size. When the extreme environment comes, the purgatori monkey can quickly find a suitable hiding place to avoid the fatal threat. In addition, the food needed by the purgatori monkeys is not much, so there is no high demand for the living environment.


The more huge things are, the more fragile their vitality may be. The most powerful things are the most subtle creatures.


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