Did prehistoric civilization exist? How to explain the mysterious heart found by scientists?

Did prehistoric civilization exist? How to explain the mysterious heart found by scientists?


Before human beings became the masters of the earth, the earth experienced five mass extinctions. That is to say, there were countless creatures on the earth. As for whether they have wisdom and whether they are advanced civilizations, human beings cannot know. After all, human beings only have a history of several million years, which is insignificant compared with the history of the earth. Over time, the pronoun of prehistoric civilization came into being.


For a long time, scientists have been trying to find traces of prehistoric civilization, but they have failed. Although many traces have been found, many secrets can not be explained clearly. Speaking of prehistoric civilization, many people will associate with Atlantis. It has a history of more than 12000 years. At the beginning, its mysterious disappearance became an unsolved mystery. In recent years, there are more and more legends about Atlantis. Some people think that Atlantis may be the west land, and it has many similarities with the west land. Did prehistoric civilization exist? How to explain the mysterious heart found by scientists?


Some people think that Atlantis did not sink in the Atlantic Ocean, but was located deep in the Sahara desert. Due to the influence of geological environment, the mysterious Atlantis was completely engulfed. To be sure, Atlantis existed. Some scientists discovered many high-tech products. One of the most amazing objects is the artificial heart, which was found in a cave in Africa. The heart is the most important organ of the human body. If a person’s heart stops beating, it means the disappearance of life.


Scientists have been looking for methods of artificial organs to provide more ideas for future medical circles. For example, many people have suffered from heart disease since childhood. It is a very dangerous project to transplant a heart, and they also face the risk of rejection. So far, it has not been possible to produce an artificial heart that can be safely transplanted. However, how can scientists explain the artificial heart found in this cave?


It is understood that the internal structure of the artificial heart is extremely precise, which is beyond the reach of modern people. Through in-depth research, we know that this artificial heart has a history of 50000 years. Human beings have been on the earth for a short time. Did they have such advanced technology 50000 years ago? This seems to be nonsense, after all, has gone beyond the product of civilization. Unless at that time, there are creatures on the earth that are even more advanced than human civilization. Maybe some extraterrestrial civilizations have visited the earth, and this artificial satellite is their trace.


At present, there is a lot of controversy about this artificial heart. How was it made? It’s still an unknown number. This artificial heart, which was made 50000 years ago, provides more ideas for the medical community. If it can be made in the future, it may help more people. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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