Did prehistoric civilization really exist? Where are they? The scientists put forward two possible conjectures

The earth is a planet of life. Human beings are the intelligent life of the earth and the overlord of the earth. Since the birth of mankind millions of years ago, through continuous growth and development, we have today’s scientific and technological civilization, go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe.

With the help of science and technology, human beings have gone out of the earth to explore the universe, but we still have a lot of unsolved problems about the earth where human beings have lived for millions of years. Among them, people are puzzled and puzzled about whether human beings are the only wise people in the history of the earth.

Although human beings are now the overlord of the earth, it is hard to say whether human beings are the only civilization that has ever appeared in the long history of the earth. We should know that the earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago, and the life history of the earth has been several billion years. In such a long time, the life of the earth is constantly updated, some disappeared, some were born again.


Scientists believe that the earth has experienced five mass extinctions, each of which is an evolution of life. So, in the earth’s billions of years of history, has there been a prehistoric civilization like human beings? To understand this question, we need to find the answer from some relics. If prehistoric civilization really existed, although it has been eroded for a long time, there will still be some traces left.

Through continuous archaeological exploration around the world, archaeologists have made some incredible discoveries. For example, the footprints of humans wearing shoes from 600 million to 250 million years ago found on trilobite fossils, the large chain nuclear reactor from 2 billion years ago found in Gabon Republic of Africa in the 21st century, and the metal ball from 2.8 billion years ago found in South Africa today.

These scientific and technological products that appeared hundreds of millions of years ago tell people that prehistoric civilization may have really appeared. Through these incredible prehistoric relics and prehistoric scientific and technological objects discovered on the earth, we can understand that prehistoric civilization is not a backward civilization. It may be a developed scientific and technological civilization, which is much stronger than human beings.

If there were prehistoric civilizations on earth, where did they go in the end? In this regard, some scientists put forward two possible conjectures. One is in the earth’s periodic changes, the earth’s ecological environment suddenly changes, prehistoric civilization can not adapt to this change and extinction. Or the earth has suffered a disaster from space, such as an asteroid impact.


Of the five mass extinctions in the history of the earth, four were caused by great changes in the earth’s ecological environment. The fifth was caused by asteroid impact, which caused more than 80% of the global extinction, including dinosaurs. The first situation is that prehistoric civilization is extinct due to disasters, disappearing in the long river of history.

The second is that prehistoric civilization left the earth. From some prehistoric relics and prehistoric scientific and technological products discovered by archaeologists, we can easily find that prehistoric civilization may be a highly developed civilization. Such a civilization may have already had the ability of interstellar navigation. For example, there are two very mysterious civilizations recorded in the history of the earth, one is Maya civilization, the other is Atlantis civilization. They all left traces. Atlantis sank to the bottom of the sea 12000 years ago. Later, it was discovered by archaeologists on the bottom of the sea, and it was well preserved. Indeed, divers found quite well preserved streets, stone pillars, stone statues and houses on the bottom of the sea. They also fished out very precious gold and jewelry from the bottom of the sea.

The Mayan civilization has a lot of relics and related literature records. The Mayan civilization described in these records is a highly developed civilization. They not only master rich astronomical knowledge, but also have the tools to fly to the sky. In the eyes of modern people, these flying tools are airplanes and spaceships. If the Mayan civilization did not have the ability to walk out of the earth, it would be impossible to master the knowledge of the universe that still exists than human beings.


Atlantis civilization is also a highly developed civilization in the relevant records. In addition to the mysterious Mayan and Atlantis civilizations, the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, has a unique ancient map, which was discovered in the early 18th century, like a replica. On the map, only the Mediterranean area is accurately drawn, while other areas, such as America and Africa, are seriously deformed. However, when scientists further study, they found that this ancient map is actually an aerial view. Compared with the pictures of the earth taken by Apollo 8, the ancient map is like a replica of it. So who has mastered the technology of space photography in ancient times?

The mysterious ruins of the ancient city of diawarak, on the lake Kaka plateau in South America, have a huge statue carved from a whole piece of red sandstone. The statue is engraved with a complete star map and hundreds of symbols. After years of research, archaeologists have finally deciphered the star map and symbols. The star map depicts the ancient star sky 27000 years ago, and the symbols record the profound astronomical knowledge. This knowledge is not mastered by modern human beings. How did the ancient people who lived on the lakeside of CACA in South America tens of thousands of years ago master the astronomical knowledge beyond that of modern people?

The incredible discoveries of these archaeologists in the world tell us a possible fact: the earth once had a prehistoric civilization far beyond modern technology. Such prehistoric civilization may have the ability of interstellar navigation. When the earth is unable to survive due to major changes, prehistoric civilization may leave the earth and the solar system with prehistoric humans in spaceships.

Another possibility for prehistoric civilization to leave the earth is that the technology of prehistoric civilization has been very developed. They think that the solar system is too small and lack of resources. If they want to continue to develop better, they have to go to the center of the galaxy. So for the better development of civilization, they choose to leave the solar system and go to the center of the galaxy.


Although the current situation of prehistoric civilization is only a guess, but more and more people begin to believe in the existence of prehistoric civilization. I believe that archaeologists will find more prehistoric relics and more scientific and technological objects in ancient times in the future. As long as enough evidence can be found, I believe there will be no doubt about the authenticity of the existence of prehistoric civilization.

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