Did Soviet astronauts see “angels” many times? It’s 20 stories high. The official attitude is guessing!

We have been searching for aliens for decades. In the process of exploration, human beings have experienced many strange things. Some things seem unreasonable, and even scientists can’t explain them. In the process of exploring the universe, Soviet cosmonauts once encountered a strange event. Surprisingly, instead of refuting the rumor, the government also implied some tacit approval. What’s the matter?


I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a Russian science fiction movie called space rescue. In our opinion, science fiction movies are all imagined by directors, but this movie is based on real events. The prototype of the movie is the salute 7 launched by the Soviet Union. Salute 7 once lost contact with the ground control center in the process of work. There is a mysterious light in the film. The protagonist claims to have seen “angels” in the universe. Many people will think that “angel” doesn’t exist when they watch this movie for the first time. This is just the lines that the director thought. In fact, the real salute No. 7 has indeed encountered strange events in the process of working.


Angels in space


It happened in July 1984, when three astronauts were working on the space exploration of salute 7, they suddenly found a bright orange light outside the window. The astronauts were attracted by the light. At first, they thought that it might be the explosion of a celestial body in space, but it didn’t take long for the light to turn into a human shape, which looked like it was exploding The shining “angel”. According to the astronaut’s description, the “angel” is very big, as tall as a Boeing 747. If it is according to the human housing, it is as tall as 20 stories. The legendary “angel” looks at them in the endless darkness with a smile on his face. This picture is a little creepy, but the astronaut claims that he didn’t feel hurt at that time I’m afraid, but I feel very comfortable.


The “angel” stayed in space for 10 minutes before it disappeared. The astronauts also took this experience as a small episode. Unexpectedly, five days later, “angel” appeared again. The astronauts reported the incident to the upper authorities. They claimed that under the gaze of the “angel”, they felt very peaceful, and there were no waves in their hearts. As we all know, the psychological quality of astronauts is very high, many astronauts have witnessed the “angel”, this event has also caused a lot of discussion in the scientific community. Scientists don’t believe in the existence of “angels”. They think that maybe in the dark universe, some celestial bodies formed a reflection on the spacecraft glass, so this illusion appeared.


What did the astronauts see?


Some people think that the manufacturing technology of salute 7 is not very exquisite. At that time, the level of science and technology was still very limited. Even in the process of liftoff, mistakes occurred. So the astronauts knew very well how dangerous their work was. Therefore, they were faced with strong psychological pressure. Maybe at a certain moment, their brain lacked oxygen, and they had a collective hallucination Some bright light in the universe is regarded as an angel.


At that time, the level of science and technology was still very limited, and the scientific community also talked about this incident. Many years later, American scientists also launched an investigation on this issue. They thought that the “angel” that astronauts saw might be just the solar panel on the spacecraft. When the sunlight is reflected by the solar panel, it will give off a dazzling orange light. At that time, scientists also carried out physical and physiological tests on the astronauts of salute 7 and found that their physical indicators were all normal.


Until now, officials have never given a clear explanation of the identity of the “angel” seen by astronauts. Surprisingly, the authorities seem to have acquiesced in this incident. They have acknowledged the possibility of supernatural events, so we can see this film adapted from real events. Xiaobian thinks that human beings are very small in front of the universe. Even if supernatural events are difficult to explain scientifically, we can not deny the rationality of their existence. If you want to solve the secret of “angel”, maybe you have to wait until the future.

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