Did Tesla receive mysterious signals from alien civilizations? Maybe it’s not that simple!

Did Tesla receive mysterious signals from alien civilizations? Maybe it’s not that simple!


Tesla is a pioneer of electricity. He has made outstanding contributions in the field of electricity. He is not only limited to this, but also accomplished in many fields. He can be regarded as a gifted scientist. As we all know, radio was invented by Tesla. It was after 1920 that human beings began to use radio. He once received radio wave signals from the universe in 1899. There are only two possibilities, one from nature and the other from alien civilization. So many people would venture to guess, Tesla will not be an alien? How else could he have developed such an advanced invention? The mystery of his identity haunts mankind.


Since then, human beings have embarked on the journey of searching for alien civilization. When Tesla received these signals, he was also very excited, because the signal equipment he received had shielded the disturbance of electromagnetic waves in nature for a long time. The regularity of these signals was obvious, and it was finally confirmed that they were emitted from the universe. Therefore, Tesla concluded that these signals originated from other intelligent civilizations. At that time, he was very excited He wrote an article that exposed all the facts. Did Tesla receive mysterious signals from alien civilizations? Maybe it’s not that simple!


Who sent the mysterious signal?


In the following decades, many scientists have received this mysterious signal one after another, and the topic of the existence of alien civilization is endless. Since it exists, this mysterious signal is also sent by it, why does it not appear? In 1954, an astronomer observed an unidentified satellite, which was constantly flying around the earth. At that time, the trajectory of this satellite aroused people’s doubts. Many people felt that something was wrong. Could it be the product of alien civilization?


No matter the speed or trajectory, it’s not like human beings can do it. It’s only possible. It’s from an alien civilization. In 2014, NASA responded that this satellite is actually a space blanket lost by endeavor in space mission. Because it’s too mysterious, it’s not convincing. It wasn’t long before someone found out the loophole in this picture. The unknown signal received by Tesla is similar to the signal received by modern scientists. Maybe these aliens have visited the earth for tens of thousands of years.


Humans should be alert to mysterious signals


There is no way to know why NASA denied it. It’s a long process to search for aliens. Hawking also reminded human beings not to send signals to outer space frequently, because we don’t know whether aliens are good or bad. If the earth’s coordinates are exposed due to excessive human activities, the gain is not worth the loss.


Is there another possibility that aliens have been to the earth for a long time, and they live on the earth in a different identity? Maybe human beings have already contacted him. What is the truth behind it? It’s still a big problem. Nowadays, UFOs always appear in the sky. It’s not uncommon for those extraterrestrial enthusiasts. In fact, the ending is not important. The enjoyment process is the best. Do you think the radio signals received by Tesla were really sent by the extraterrestrial civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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