Did the ancient Egyptian Pharaons have helicopters 3000 years ago? Its civilization is beyond imagination

China, ancient Egypt, ancient India and Babylon are known as the “four ancient civilizations”, which contain mysterious and brilliant civilizations. Bellyena, located on the West Bank of the Nile, is the site of the abbidos temple in Egypt. It is said that it existed in the Neolithic Age of North Africa and was built around the time of Ramesses II and Ptolemaic dynasty.


In 1915, the British archaeologist Weiss discovered a strange phenomenon when he was doing archaeological research at the Abyssinia site in Egypt. In 1879, the British archaeologist Weiss was doing archaeological research at the Abydos site in Egypt, and found that the patterns on the top of a temple at the site were very similar to those of modern helicopters. Moreover, some of the patterns were similar to those of modern helicopters The design of submarines is also very similar.

The tail and propeller of the helicopter are so lifelike that when scientists took the patterns apart and magnified them at a scale of 1:10, they found that the models were completely aerodynamic. After the figure is enlarged, the model is completely consistent with the aerodynamic principle. For submarines, of course, there is no way to verify that they conform to fluid mechanics, so I won’t say much today. After reading several books and looking up some related materials, I just want to use scientific methods to interpret the mysterious ancient Egyptian cultural phenomenon.


After looking up some English materials, I found that the “Pharaonic helicopter” was not discovered by British archaeologists, but by an American named Bruce, who loved geometry. He is a man who loves geometry. In 1992, when he was traveling in the temple of Abydos in Egypt, he came across this pattern. He found that one of the patterns was like a helicopter, and the other was like a submarine. “I personally think these Americans may be biased,” he said. What are the ideal phenomena in psychoanalysis? It’s just a coincidence to give you something that you think is meaningful. For example, when a stone shaped like a scythe is seen by farmers, they think it is a scythe for a good harvest. This is a good omen.


There are many such examples in our life, and we laugh at them. So why is this “Pharaonic helicopter” a hot topic? This is because, in our world, there are some ancient astronauts who are very interested in prehistoric civilization and aliens. They think that aliens visited the earth in ancient times and left traces in the four oldest civilizations. For this group, the Egyptian Pharaoh’s helicopter team is “strong evidence.”. Some activists even believe that modern human culture is the product of alien civilization penetrating into the earth.

So what happened? How does this graph explain? In Belgium, there is a scholar who likes to study extraterrestrial civilization. His name is vaselet. This is a picture of the Abydos site. It’s incredible that when he received letters from readers, he wrote many letters in 1988 to verify the story with archaeologists in ancient Egypt.


It’s real, it’s to beautify Ramesses I, says Michael Smith of the University of Melbourne. When the pharaoh was young, he made great contributions. In order to remind later generations of his great achievements, he asked the craftsmen to write on the temple wall: he made Egypt strong again and defeated nine enemies with his sword.


When Ramesses II was in power, he was a moody Pharaoh. He felt that the words his son carved in the temple were inappropriate. So he asked the craftsmen to wipe them with lime mud and re engrave the words praising himself: the protector of upper and lower Egypt chosen by God Euler. As time went by, the ashes gradually disappeared, so the Egyptian script was carved on the stone slab, and the two overlapped, just like the helicopter and submarine of the Pharaoh.

It’s a complete coincidence, but it’s true. It is known as Egyptian helicopter culture. Maybe there was a prehistoric civilization in ancient times that we could not imagine, but this time, it was a coincidence.

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