Did the dinosaurs go to the moon instead of disappearing? Is there any basis for scientists’ Conjecture?

65 million years ago, a planet fell on the earth, and the dominant dinosaur disappeared in the world. Now we can only understand dinosaurs through fossils. With the progress of science and technology, scientists have a bold view. Maybe dinosaurs have left the earth, flew to the moon, and even to Mars. Is there any basis for this?


Through fossils, we know that dinosaurs were born 230 million years ago and ruled the earth for 160 million years. For a long time, dinosaurs were at the top of the food chain. Although they ruled the earth for a long time, they did not evolve dinosaur civilization. In fact, among all species of dinosaurs, there was the intelligent roborosaurus, but before it evolved wisdom, it disappeared on the earth. So many people feel confused after hearing what scientists say. Since dinosaurs have not evolved civilization, it means that they will not go to the moon by spaceship. Why do they say there are dinosaurs on the moon?


Did dinosaurs go to the moon?


Scientists believe that the reason why dinosaurs were able to go to the moon actually has a lot to do with asteroids. As we all know, dinosaurs withdrew from the stage of history because of the asteroid impact 65 million years ago. At that time, a meteorite with a diameter of more than 11 kilometers fell to the earth, leaving a giant crater with a diameter of 150 kilometers on the earth. This is the well-known hicksurub crater. The impact of this planetary impact event on the earth is irreparable. The earth’s atmosphere has undergone great changes. A large number of meteorite ash is shrouded over the earth. Many creatures, including the earth’s dominant dinosaurs, are extinct because they can’t bear the drastic changes of the environment.


The role of asteroids


When an asteroid falls to the ground, it will produce a lot of debris. Under the influence of super strong shock wave, many things on the earth will break away from the shackles of the earth’s gravity, that is to say, the debris of the asteroid is likely to be accelerated and rushed to the atmosphere. If dinosaurs were thrown into the moon by gravity, it might be a long time for dinosaurs to leave the space.


Therefore, in the lunar exploration program, humans also brought back many rock samples from the moon, but we did not find the composition of the earth’s rocks in these rock samples. After all, the moon is huge, so it is not easy to find the earth’s meteorite fragments. Scientists believe that when some meteorites hit Mars and the moon, there will be many debris floating in the universe. After a long time, they may fall to the ground. The most controversial one is the Allen Hill meteorite.


Scientists believe that the meteorite is likely to be a fragment of Mars, after more than 10 million years of space travel, it fell to the earth. Therefore, scientists believe that asteroids also act as a medium of material exchange in some ways, so it is very likely that there are earth rocks and even dinosaur remains on other planets.

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