Did the earth really have a big flood in ancient times? Scientists have found the answer by exploring

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The earth is a beautiful planet of life, and life on the earth may have been born as early as 4 billion years ago. The first simple life evolved step by step, and later complex and advanced life came into being. Although human beings were born millions of years ago, legends about prehistoric civilization have been circulating among the people, that is, before the birth of human beings, there may have been other intelligent civilizations.

Of course, there is no definite evidence for the existence of prehistoric civilization. In addition to the legends of prehistoric civilization, there are all kinds of myths and legends around the world. Although most of the myths and legends are regional, that is, there are great differences between eastern and Western myths and legends, there is one legend that is basically the same all over the world, that is, the ancient “flood”.


I believe many people have heard that there was a global flood on the earth in ancient times, which wiped out most of the life and only a few survived. The ancient flood has spread all over the world, but the versions of it are different. Let’s take a look at the legends and records of the ancient flood in different regions.

The Soviet American culture is considered to be the earliest culture discovered so far. In the myths and legends of the Sumerians, there are also records of the ancient flood: enil, the king of the gods, thought that human beings should not exist and sent out the flood to destroy human beings. Enji, a kind-hearted God of water, saved mankind, while enil punished the God of water and sent out a greater flood to exterminate mankind. This is the earliest version of the ancient flood.

In the epic of Gilgamesh by Babylon, there are also records of ancient floods. At that time, a huge flood drowned all the mountains on the land, and people frantically fled to higher mountains, because only in that way can they survive. People ran desperately. Most of them didn’t run through the flood and were swept away. Only a few people ran to the top of the mountain and survived.

According to the records in Bobo Bible of Mayan civilization, the great flood is described as follows: God created human beings, but in the process of creating human beings, he found that the created human beings are not perfect as imagined. Man gradually lost the favor of God, so God decided to launch a flood to destroy man.


Now more people know the legend of the ancient flood, or from the Old Testament, which is a very great religious holy book, so few people do not know the Bible, and more people know the ancient flood through the Bible. It is described in this way that the Lord thought that human sin was unforgivable and launched a flood to drown all flesh and blood in the world. The flood lasted for 40 days, and countless creatures were killed in the flood. In order to save human beings and other creatures on the earth, Noah built an ark to resist floods, which is called “Noah’s Ark”.

These are the records of ancient floods in other parts of the world. As a country with ancient oriental civilization, China’s myths and legends are indispensable. In the book of mountains and seas of China, it is also recorded that the emperor of heaven brought down the flood in order to punish human beings. The grandson of the emperor of heaven could not bear to see that human beings suffered from disaster and stole the land of the emperor of heaven to save human beings, but he was found and executed by the emperor of heaven My story. By the time of Emperor Yao, the flood that ravaged the world had not yet subsided, and then there was the story of “Dayu controlling the flood”.

Although there are different versions of the ancient flood legends around the world, they all point to the same time. It is possible that the ancient flood recorded in these different versions is actually the same flood. In the past, many people thought that this was just some myths and legends, which were not true. But later, through exploration and research, scientists found that the fact is far from simple. The ancient flood may have happened.


Why do scientists guess that the ancient flood may be true? These are related to some important archaeological discoveries made by scientists all over the world. If there was a global flood in ancient times, there would be some traces left on the earth. Although the long years have made most traces disappear, some fossil traces cannot be eliminated. So what are the major discoveries of scientists?

Everest is the highest mountain in the world, with an average altitude of 8843 meters. How such a high mountain was formed is still a mystery. And scientists found fossils of shells near Mount Everest. We all know that shellfish are marine creatures. Therefore, geologists believe that Mt. Qomolangma ten million years ago was actually an ocean, and it was all water after all.

If Everest is an ocean at such a high altitude, then the rest of the world will be covered by sea water, that is to say, there will be no land on the earth at that time, and this phenomenon can well explain that the flood may have really existed. Only when there is a global flood can the world’s highest Mount Everest become an ocean.

Although some marine fossils have been found on the land in other parts of the world, which can also prove that there was an ocean in ancient times, it really makes scientists believe that the ancient flood may be the evidence of the existence of marine fossils found near Mount Everest.


According to some legends about Atlantis, the fall of the ancient Atlantis dynasty may have come from a flood and then sank in the continent. And the time of the flood that destroyed Atlantis is very consistent with the time of the flood in other countries’ myths and legends.

The more scientists know about the ancient floods, the more they feel that there are too many secrets about the earth in ancient times. At this time, some scientists thought about the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. I believe many people know that the age of dinosaurs appeared on the earth tens of millions of years ago. At that time, dinosaurs were the overlord of the world, and dinosaurs existed on the earth for 160 million years. But it is such a powerful world overlord, but in the end it mysteriously disappeared.

For the extinction of dinosaurs, scientists generally agree that the theory of asteroid extinction, that 65 million years ago, an asteroid hit the earth caused the extinction of dinosaurs. However, some scientists still have other conjectures about the cause of dinosaur extinction, such as the flood extinction theory.


Why do some scientists think that dinosaurs might have been destroyed by floods? This is illustrated by dinosaur fossils found all over the world. I believe many people know that it is not easy for organisms to form fossils. It has a premise that this kind of organism is covered with some material in a very short time, isolated from the air, and finally formed fossils.

But what kind of things can cover and bury huge dinosaurs tens of meters high in an instant? Scientists think of the great flood, only the great flood carrying countless sediment can have such great energy. Scientists have found dinosaur fossils all over the world, which just proves that the earth was full of water tens of millions of years ago. This phenomenon can only be achieved by the flood.

What’s more, scientists have observed a strange phenomenon in dinosaur fossils. The posture of dinosaurs in dinosaur fossils shows similar characteristics: the head and tail are bent upward as much as possible. Modern scientific research has found that animals only maintain this posture before they drown. Scientists have also found many animal footprints on the rocks of the dinosaur era. These footprints are not only completely preserved, but also have the same direction. That is to say, they are all running away. What kind of fear makes them escape collectively and in the same direction? The flood can also be explained.

Through the above geological discoveries, there are more and more evidences about the existence of ancient floods, and more and more scientists have joined in the relevant research and exploration. If scientists in the future really confirm that the ancient flood did exist, and the time of occurrence is basically consistent with the legend and description of the world, then another more mysterious thing will be put in front of us, that is, ancient civilization.


If the extinction of dinosaurs came from the ancient global flood, and this flood is the flood recorded by legends all over the world, then the time of this flood was tens of millions of years ago, and the time of human birth was millions of years ago. From this we can draw a possible conclusion: there may have been other intelligent civilizations on the earth before the birth of human beings.

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