Did the Mayans ever leave a “QR code”? What do tourists find after taking out their mobile phones for scanning?

Since mankind entered the era of science and technology, we have not stopped exploring the Maya civilization. Although mankind has created brilliant and advanced science and technology, we still know little about them. Until now, there are still many unsolved mysteries waiting for mankind to solve. If we want to understand them, we can only understand them through the only words and special symbols.


The two-dimensional code left by the Mayans?

Many people have such a question, ancient human did not have advanced science and technology support, why did Maya civilization develop to such a high level? Many of the theories and predictions they have created are as good as they are today. Who would have thought that such a brilliant human civilization would disappear on the earth overnight? Why did they disappear? None of these humans know. There is such a museum in Mexico. In this museum, there is a statue made by the Maya. The statue has been 3000 years ago. Although the statue is not very bright, there is a two-dimensional code on the statue, which has aroused widespread concern of mankind.


Although the two-dimensional code on the statue is different from the one we use now, the structure and layout are very similar. Even though it has been 3000 years, the texture structure is still very clear. It’s hard to believe that this is the product of 3000 years ago. There are also many pictures of the statue circulating on the Internet, which has caused great heated discussion on the Internet. Many people even went to the museum in person to scan the code with their mobile phones to see if they can scan valuable information.


The truth

In modern society, two-dimensional code has become commonplace for human beings. We often use it to pay in our daily life, which is not only convenient, but also more secure. It was with such curiosity that many tourists went to the museum and tried to scan out valuable information, but the result was not so good. The reality was not as good as everyone thought. Although the tourists put their mobile phones in front of the statue, they did not scan out anything. Only after the incident became more and more serious, did the museum staff make a statement. In fact, the sculpture is very beautiful The QR code on the Internet is not created by the Maya, but a gimmick made by an enterprise.


Although the two-dimensional code on the sculpture is imitated, many valuable cultural relics in human history are still worth exploring. Only by solving the secrets of these cultural relics and history can we better understand human civilization and promote the development of human civilization.


With the current technological power of human beings, it is still more difficult to solve the secrets of the Maya people. However, Xiaobian believes that with the continuous growth of R & D power, we will be able to recognize them again one day.

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