Did the Mayans leave a QR code 2000 years ago? Tourists are curious about the result after scanning the code?

The Mayans are a group of ancient Indians. They live in the south of Mexico and the north of Central America. They have their own special culture and history. They are the only people in America who have left written records, and they are also recognized as a super intelligent people.

But so far, almost the whole Mayan civilization has been shrouded in an unsolved mystery.


The unsolved mystery about the origin of the Maya

The origin of the Maya is a controversial issue. Some say they are immigrants of a certain country, some say they are descendants of the “lost tribe”, and others say they are descendants of aliens.

But it is undeniable that in 1500 BC, the Mayans began to build villages and develop primitive agriculture.


In 600 BC, cassava was planted and a religious center was built.

In the year 200 ad, cities with temples, pyramids, palaces, stadiums and so on have appeared.


The unsolved mystery of the Mayan’s demise:

Not only the origin is mysterious, but also the decline is unknown.

In the ninth century AD, the Maya began to decline and perish, and the once prosperous Maya city could only be abandoned in the jungle.


Today, no one can figure out the mystery of their disappearance. Some say it was caused by natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, while others say it was caused by infectious diseases such as pestilence.

Some people say that it is because of the expansion of population, resulting in the shortage of resources, and even because of the invasion of foreign enemies. There are too many arguments, but none of them can be convincing.


Although the Maya people are very mysterious to us, there is no doubt that they left a lot of information for future generations, making people more curious and yearning for the Maya civilization.

The 2012 doomsday theory, which was very popular at that time, originated from the prediction of the Maya people, and this prediction still made many people believe it at that time.

According to the prophecy and legend of the Mayan calendar, our world will have five cycles of destruction and rebirth – each cycle is the so-called “solar age”.


According to this legend, 2012 will be the beginning of the fifth solar age. In 2012, life in the northern hemisphere will be exhausted, and civilization will collapse. Only human beings who have achieved good results will be left to return to the low latitude to spend the migration life of the unity of man and nature.

Did the Mayans leave a QR code 2000 years ago?


The Mayan Museum in Mexico is a museum dedicated to the history of the Mayan people. There is a human sculpture on display in the museum.

This statue is very special. Instead of facial features, it is carved with a lot of dense small squares. If you look closer, you will find that these small squares are very similar to the “QR code” we use now.

This makes people wonder, is this the two-dimensional code left by the Maya 2000 years ago?


You sweep me or I sweep you?


This sentence everyone should be quite familiar with it!

With the progress of science and technology, “two-dimensional code” is used more and more frequently in people’s life. Add a friend to scan it, buy something to pay for it, and learn more about it.


Unconsciously, people and “two-dimensional code” have been inseparable.

It can be made clear that the two-dimensional code was invented by Japanese tenghongyuan in 1994. At that time, it was only considered to be used to record warehouse storage management information, and the prospect was not optimistic.


Later, in 2011, Xu Wei applied for registration of “two-dimensional code scanning patent”. With the popularity of smart phones, two-dimensional code has become a necessity in people’s life.

What about the “QR code” on Maya’s face?

It turns out that at the beginning, when a tourist was visiting the museum, he was very curious when he saw the sculpture with a “two-dimensional code” face, so he took out his mobile phone to “scan it”. As a result, he didn’t respond after sweeping it for a long time.


After asking the staff, they learned that the sculpture with a “QR code” face was not created by the Maya, but was made by a sculpture company to promote their own modern crafts.

I can’t sweep it out because of the rough workmanship. It’s hard for people to laugh or cry!


After that, the museum found that many tourists were very interested in the “two-dimensional code sculpture”, so in order to attract tourists, they kept showing it and did not put it away.

Although the two-dimensional code was not left by the Mayans 2000 years ago, although experts have different opinions about the sudden disappearance of such a powerful civilization, they have no objection to the miracle they left behind.

Every year, many people from all over the world come to explore, hoping to find out the “secret” of Maya civilization from the clues.


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