Did the mysterious “Blue Book Project” persist for 12 years and discover the existence of aliens?

The existence of alien life has become the default fact of many people. Since we entered the industrial age, human beings have never given up the pace of searching for aliens. UFOs have also appeared in the sky of many countries. There is no doubt that the United States is the country with the largest number of UFOs. In fact, since the 20th century, relevant departments have been looking for UFOs, but most of the research results have not been disclosed to the world.





UFO incident


In the 1960s, hundreds of people in the United States saw UFO. That was in two universities in Victoria. Students and teachers saw such a scene on the playground. It turned out that a dish shaped aircraft appeared in the blue sky. Many students took this scene with their cameras. It is also a clear UFO photo so far. In order to solve the secret of UFO, the blue book project came into being in 1947, which lasted for 12 years and collected tens of thousands of UFO reports from all over the country. Although scientists believe that some events are related to weather phenomena, there are still 700 eyewitness reports that can not be explained scientifically.





Speaking of the famous UFO incident, I believe many people will not forget Roswell in 1947. A person who participated in the investigation of the Roswell incident once submitted a secret report to the United States. He described the Roswell incident in detail in this report, but he did not expect that the world still leaked the news and was known by the world.

The official answer is that the Roswell incident has nothing to do with UFO. The unidentified objects that fell to the ground at that time were in fact high-altitude monitoring balloons. According to many eyewitnesses, there were a lot of metal debris around Roswell, and there were some small bodies around these debris. Their height was about one meter and they were wearing gray jumpsuits Uniform, with huge eyes and rough skin, is not a human on earth.


Project Blue Book


At that time, the United States formulated the blue book plan, which still wanted to dispel the human panic about aliens. However, most of the events were not recognized by human beings, and even made people more curious about UFOs. By the end of the 1960s, the United States had to terminate the plan. If the project continues, it is still unclear whether it will be good or bad for humanity.

Although most of the sightings have not been answered by scientists, there are still many people who hold their own views. They think that aliens have been to the earth, and humans are pets they say are kept in captivity. If humans rashly search for aliens, they may start to attack the earth. Seeing these so-called views, Xiaobian can’t laugh or cry. Scientists have no way to prove things, why do they so vow?

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