Did the mysterious prehistoric civilization exist? They may be more powerful than we think

As we all know, human beings appeared on the earth about millions of years ago. After continuous evolution and growth, they finally formed civilization, and then developed into scientific and technological civilization. They went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. Many people think that human beings are a great life. It takes only millions of years to evolve primitive life into intelligent life and develop scientific and technological civilization. This is unique in the known life history of the earth.

As we know, the earth’s dominant dinosaurs 65 million years ago have lived on the earth for 160 million years, and have not evolved into intelligent creatures, let alone formed a dinosaur civilization. Human beings have always thought that we are the only civilization since the birth of the earth. However, with the continuous archaeological exploration of later archaeologists, many ancient relics have been found on the earth, including some traces of civilization hundreds of millions of years ago, traces of nuclear reactors in ancient times, traces of submarine civilization and so on.

The discovery of these ancient relics raises a question: is human really the only civilization that has emerged since the birth of the earth? Does prehistoric civilization exist? If so, where did they go? It seems that our earth is really full of countless secrets. Let’s make some bold guesses about prehistoric civilization.

It has been 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. In such a long time, we don’t know how many organisms there have been on the earth. Modern science thinks that the earth has experienced five mass extinctions, which is just a theoretical inference. There is no direct evidence whether this is the case. However, through some fossils found, we can still see some traces of the earth’s ancient times.


Through the discovery of the ancient civilization relics of the earth, more and more scientists think that the earth may have existed prehistoric civilization. Some scientists think that the earth has experienced four eras since its birth, and human is the Quaternary. Each era has given birth to intelligent civilization, and human is only the intelligent life of the fourth era.

These prehistoric civilizations are not necessarily based on the development of science, some are based on science and technology, some may be based on the exploration of their own potential, that is, our legendary cultivation civilization. Cultivating civilization in order to develop their own potential to improve the level and strength of civilization, which has a certain relationship with many myths and legends on the earth from ancient times to the present.

In the past, we have always regarded these legends as stories. However, with the continuous in-depth study of scientists, it is found that the myths and legends of ancient times are not necessarily fictional. They may be the real things that happened on the earth. In these myths and legends, those immortals have extraordinary ability to call the wind and rain, and can do everything from heaven to earth.

From the perspective of modern science, this may be one of the prehistoric civilizations in the earth’s four eras. This prehistoric civilization focuses on cultivation, breaks through the limits of life one by one, and makes itself strong. When the cultivation reaches the top, it has unpredictable ability, which is no less than or even surpasses the scientific civilization in some aspects.


So where did this prehistoric civilization go? Is it really extinct? Xiaobian thinks that it is unlikely that this prehistoric civilization, which is mainly for cultivation, has left the earth. The reason may be that the earth’s ecological environment has changed dramatically, and the special energy in the atmosphere that they need for cultivation is becoming less and less, or disappearing. We can call this kind of energy aura.

The earth’s ecological environment has changed dramatically, and the aura of the earth is becoming less and less. Without aura, the development of prehistoric civilization will stop. Finally, some powerful monks in the civilization work together to open a space-time crack and go to other planets. Another possibility is that the powerful monks work together to open up a subspace coexisting with the earth, and then inhale the aura of the earth into this space, The monks collectively moved into this subspace.

We don’t know how powerful the cultivation civilization is. If it is as powerful as the myth and legend, it is not impossible to open up a sub space or open up a channel of time and space. If the development of science and technology can achieve a certain degree, the cultivation civilization may also achieve, or even stronger.

In the four epochs of the earth, there are prehistoric civilizations focusing on cultivation, and there may also be the same scientific and technological civilization as human beings, but this prehistoric civilization based on the development of science and technology is much more powerful than human beings. After hundreds of thousands of years of scientific and technological development, prehistoric civilization has made a major breakthrough in civilization strength, and has the ability of interstellar navigation. At this time, prehistoric civilization saw that the solar system was too remote, there were no other extraterrestrial civilizations around, and the resources were not rich. In the past, the limitation of science and technology did not have the ability to leave the solar system, but when it had the ability of interstellar navigation, prehistoric civilization was determined The alignment family is heading toward the center of the galaxy.


In this way, the prehistoric civilization based on the development of science and technology has left the earth and the solar system. It is possible that they are now developing in the civilization circle in the center of the galaxy, where there are many civilizations that may exchange and develop with each other, which will greatly help the progress and development of civilization. It is also possible that prehistoric civilization has stronger strength and has now left the galaxy to explore further The stars of the universe.

The above are some guesses about the prehistoric civilization that may have appeared on the earth. No matter what happened in the earth’s 4.6 billion year history, it’s too long. Many traces have disappeared, but some traces have been preserved. They may exist in some rock layers inside the earth. To understand the situation of the earth in ancient times, we can only rely on them now It depends on the discovery of these prehistoric relics.

As long as one by one incredible prehistoric relics are discovered, people need not doubt the authenticity of the existence of prehistoric civilization. Perhaps archaeologists will find more incredible ancient relics in the future, and perhaps the descendants of other modern civilizations have been living. The answers to these questions need to be found one by one.

Guys, do you think prehistoric civilization existed? Welcome to leave a message for discussion and express your unique opinions.

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