Did the mysterious prehistoric civilization really exist? They may be more powerful than human imagination

As we all know, the earth has been born for 4.6 billion years, while human beings have only been on the earth for millions of years. Human beings have created a miracle of life. It took only tens of thousands of years to evolve from primitive life to intelligent life. As the former overlord of the earth, dinosaurs have not evolved into intelligent life, let alone civilization, after living on the earth for 160 million years.

Hundreds of years ago, mankind moved towards the principle of scientific and technological development. From then on, human civilization rose rapidly and soon went out of the earth to explore the universe. When human beings realized the vastness and vastness of the universe, understood that the earth was so small, and also understood that there must be other extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe. They may be more powerful than human beings, and some civilizations may not be long after the big bang It was born. If such a civilization has been developing for at least several billion years, we can’t imagine its strength.

However, the road of civilization development will not be smooth sailing. Some civilizations may not be able to really grow strong, but will be extinct because of various disasters. In the study of the history of the earth, scientists have found that the earth has experienced five mass extinctions, the most recent of which is the dinosaur mass extinction caused by the impact of an asteroid 6500 years ago.


Some people may think that the earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. Is human really the only intelligent life since the birth of the earth? Did prehistoric civilization exist on earth? If prehistoric civilization existed, it might have been a powerful civilization in the universe. People may not believe in the existence of prehistoric civilization in the past, but as archaeologists continue to find some incredible prehistoric relics on the earth, people have to believe that prehistoric civilization did exist.

Archaeologists have found many prehistoric relics on the earth, some of which surprised people, such as the nuclear reactor hundreds of millions of years ago, and other scientific and technological products hundreds of thousands of years ago or tens of millions of years ago. These things can still exist until now. It must be said that prehistoric civilization may be much more powerful than human imagination. Scientists speculate that the earth has gone through four eras since its birth. Human beings are the intelligent creatures and the rulers of the fourth era.

There are three eras before the emergence of human beings, each of which has intelligent civilization. They are prehistoric human beings. Prehistoric civilization may not have the same development path as human beings. Some prehistoric civilizations, like human beings, focus on the development of science and technology. Some prehistoric civilizations may focus on the development of their own potential, that is, the cultivation of immortals civilization described in modern novels.

No matter what kind of development principle a civilization is based on, it will become a powerful civilization in the end. As for the immortal cultivation civilization, there are many ancient legends, myths and legends on the earth. The immortals in these myths and legends are very powerful. They can call the wind and the rain and move mountains and seas. Maybe these myths and legends are not completely fictional. Maybe there was such an immortal civilization on the earth. These powerful prehistoric human beings have the ability far beyond our imagination, and can even tear space and travel through the universe.


So where did this prehistoric civilization, which is mainly about cultivating immortals, end up? Is it really extinct? Xiaobian thinks that it is unlikely that if such prehistoric civilization, which is mainly based on cultivation, is really so powerful that it is impossible to die out, the most likely reason is that they left the earth. The reason for leaving the earth may be related to the sudden change of the earth’s environment. Perhaps at that time, the earth’s environment changed abruptly, which could provide them with less and less aura needed to cultivate immortals. The earth was no longer able to cultivate. Finally, the powerful monks in the civilization united to open up a space channel and left the earth to live in other stars with plenty of aura.

Some prehistoric civilizations, like human beings, are also scientific and technological civilizations. It is also very similar to the development mode and path of human science and technology, but the technology of this prehistoric civilization is much more powerful than that of human beings. They are real interstellar civilization. When prehistoric civilization develops and becomes powerful, they naturally want to leave the solar system and go to the center of Yinhe system, which has more abundant resources.

As we all know, the location of the solar system is actually very remote, but when it is in the countryside, with few resources and no other alien civilization to communicate with, and without the ability to leave the solar system, it is impossible to go out. But once they have the ability, they will not stay in the solar system, which will only slow down or even stop the development of a civilization.


It is for this reason that when prehistoric civilization became a real interstellar civilization, they chose to carry out interstellar migration. The whole people left the solar system and headed for the center of the galaxy. Perhaps now they have already developed in the center of the galaxy and become a powerful civilization of the galaxy. We are still very weak. Once we have the ability of interstellar navigation, we believe that we will not stay in the solar system. We will also choose to go out, carry out interstellar migration, and go to the prosperous area of the galaxy. In fact, it’s the same with us. If you have the ability, you will not live in the countryside, but also go to the big cities.

The above are just some conjectures about the possible situation of prehistoric civilization. There is no way to study the truth. After all, at least several hundred thousand years have passed, possibly several billion years. Most of the traces of civilization have already disappeared in the long river of history, and only some very vague traces can be left. However, we can not deny the existence of prehistoric civilization. Perhaps in the future, scientists will find more traces of prehistoric civilization.

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