Did the universe originate from the big bang 13.8 billion years ago? Is there another universe before the explosion?

The birth of the universe 13.8 billion years ago shows how long the history of the universe is. Thinking about the origin of the universe is extremely complicated, but people are still very concerned about it.

Therefore, some people ask the question: before the present universe, was there another universe? This is a very interesting question. Let’s follow Xiao Bian.


When we go back to the origin of the universe, what is the origin of the universe? Big bang? In fact, we know that up to now, there is no accurate and true answer to this question, but we are still confused and still want to ask.

Yes, for the unknown things, we should have the spirit of daring to think, dare to ask and dare to do, have ideas, think and act, so that we can make continuous progress.

The current mainstream view is the singularity big bang. Since the discovery of cosmic microwave background in 1964, the theory of the Big Bang has been widely accepted by scientists.


All matter, space and time in our universe were formed after the big bang. With the confirmation of Einstein’s famous mass energy equation E = MC2, that is to say, energy can be transformed into matter under certain conditions.

According to the equation, it can be inferred that the static mass of an object will be reduced if the energy is released by an appropriate method. Even with appropriate methods, the energy contained in the object can be released completely.


This shows that the static mass corresponding to the energy of the object disappears, and the corresponding object no longer exists. The vanishing static mass becomes the energy of the field. If the field has energy, it will have mass.

On the contrary, if there is no object in space, input energy can also produce an object! Any body can transform all the static mass into the energy of the field under suitable conditions.

Any form of energy can also be transformed into a material object with static mass under appropriate conditions. So the big bang singularity is an invisible, infinitesimal, wonderful existence. It is not the universe, but the origin of our universe.


Is there another universe before the big bang?

In theory, as long as there is a starting point of explosion in the universe, the size of the universe will be limited, and the limited size starts from the explosion. The farthest distance matter flies to is the boundary of the universe.


Since there is a boundary in the universe, what is the area outside the boundary? Is it an endless vacuum? Or other universes?

We can’t observe things outside the universe, so there won’t be any positive answers in the scientific community for our reference, but some people have imagined the answers.

Before the big bang of our universe, it is not to say whether there is another universe, but before the big bang of our universe, there are already countless universes, and our universe is just one of them.


Our universe is limited, but the space in which our universe is loaded is infinite. Only in this infinite space can we have the ability to load countless finite universes at the same time.

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