Did Venusians really show up? Super civilization is hidden in the high dimension, and human civilization will also be upgraded

Since the birth of the earth, the earth has been overloaded for a long time, because there are a lot of resources on the earth that have been developed and designed almost. Now there are more and more people in the world. One day, the earth can’t bear the pressure of human beings and will undoubtedly perish. However, scientists have come up with a relative way to express that, in order to better reduce the weight of the earth Dan, looking for a second star suitable for human survival.


Since the beginning of human exploration of the universe, human beings have discovered many supernatural mysterious phenomena, such as the super UFO near the sun, the repeated cultural relics on Mars, and a large number of urban sites on Venus. This mysterious and strange phenomenon makes scientists believe that there is a super civilization in our solar system. But what’s puzzling is that humans haven’t been able to see them yet.

However, since an alien girl named Onik explained to us at UFO sharing conference, our confusion may be solved immediately. This woman, who seems to be only about 50 years old, claims to be from Venus and came to earth during the French Revolution. So far, she has lived on earth for more than 250 years. He said that people on earth are descendants of Venusians.


At first, people didn’t believe her, because we knew that Venus was a personal hell. Its surface temperature was as high as 489 degrees Celsius, and even metals such as lead and aluminum would melt, not to mention people. The concentration of sulfuric acid in Venus’ atmosphere was very high, and it was damaged shortly after the Soviet probe flew into Venus’ atmosphere last century. So at first everyone thought she was lying.


But Onik said that Venusians have entered the higher dimensional space of the solar system for a long time, and now Venusians are no longer flesh creatures. The Venusian environment that humans live in has no influence on them. They now live in this dimension of the astral plane. This dimensional space is made up of some kind of magnetic force. Human beings can’t see the world in this dimensional space at all. This dimensional world exists in the sun, Jupiter, Saturn, earth, Venus, Mars and the entire solar system. In this magnetic space, Venusians travel on different planets.

All the strange phenomena that human beings encounter in the solar system are due to what human beings see when Venusians carry out space management work at different latitudes in the solar system and temporarily cross into ordinary dimensional space. Different dimensional spaces require different life forms, she said. Human beings are the descendants of Venusians who question the promotion of high latitudes. Therefore, they can also be said to be the descendants of Venusians who are now in high latitudes. He told mankind that super civilization is in the magnetic space of the solar system, everywhere. When human civilization develops to a high enough level, it will automatically ascend to magnetic space, so as to realize interstellar crossing.

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