Did you find the army of 50000 that disappeared? Experts found two things wrong!

Did you find the army of 50000 that disappeared? Experts found two things wrong!


In our daily life, we often hear reports of missing children, especially many children who lack safety awareness and are abducted and trafficked by bad people. The chance of finding them is very small. Every time I hear about this kind of missing case, many people’s hearts are tied together. One person represents a family, and if the missing person’s life is in any danger, a family may be destroyed. Although human beings are the masters of the earth, their power is very small, especially in the face of nature.


It’s not just these disappearances in our lives. There have been many disappearances in history. If only a few people have disappeared, it’s not so terrible. However, there have been cases in history in which all 50000 troops have disappeared. Many people feel incredible after hearing this. What’s the matter? There are many forbidden zones for human beings in the world, such as Bermuda Triangle, enchantment letter and so on. Even though many people have a heart of exploration, it’s a pity that there are many dangers inside, and few people dare to go. Did you find the army of 50000 that disappeared? Experts found two things wrong!


Not only that, but also the desert with bad environment, which is rarely visited by human beings. The desert is the most water deficient. If we don’t prepare enough food and water during the exploration, life will be in danger anytime and anywhere. In addition, there are many internal natural disasters, so it is difficult to ensure that we can survive completely after entering the desert. During the reign of gambisis II, gambisis became the second emperor of the Persian Empire. When he really took power, his ambition continued to expand. He was determined to build the Persian Empire into the largest empire in the world, so he began to invade other countries.


After his unremitting efforts, he finally made achievements. He not only successfully attacked Egypt, but also focused on a small country called Amun. At that time, he sent 50000 troops to attack. According to the original plan, this small country should have been successfully defeated in half a month. Unfortunately, more than half a month later, he still did not hear any news about the 50000 troops. The most puzzling thing is that the army of 50000 people suddenly disappeared six days after it entered the desert.


After understanding, I learned that after walking for six days, this huge army disappeared after only one day’s rest in the desert. After that, I never received any news about this army, as if it had disappeared out of thin air. Even after searching for many days, we didn’t find any clues. Until thousands of years later, two Italian archaeologists found strange things in the desert, including iron objects and many mummies. After testing, we know that these mummies are from the period of gambisis II.


In this vast desert, finally found traces of their bodies. However, some people think that these iron objects and mummies alone can not prove that they are all the 50000 people army of gambisis II. What scientists know is only a small part. As for the true whereabouts of these troops, it is still unknown. Where do you think the 50000 troops disappeared during the reign of gambisis II actually went? You can leave a message for interaction.

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