Did you get the notice from Hogwarts? What is the connection between their magic and modern science?

In the summer vacation of 1911, Harry Potter stepped into the world of magic. In the summer of 2020, “Harry Potter” will be released again, and there will be an upsurge of recalling youth on the Internet. Many people are eager to receive the notice from Hogwarts when they were young. Magic in movies has become a childhood yearning of many people. In our opinion, magic does not exist in the real world. In fact, with the continuous development of human science and technology, many magic in movies cannot do without modern science.


Divination class.


In the eyes of smart Hermione, she disdains the divination class. She thinks it’s just unreliable magic. Dumbledore once planned to finish the class until she saw Sibyl Trelawney. Although she usually looks crazy, she can always use divination to predict the development of the situation at the critical moment. When it comes to divination, it’s widely known that Tarot’s divination. All kinds of cards seem strange to us, but they represent extraordinary meaning. Tarot card has been handed down in the world for thousands of years. It used to be the belief of many people. Although we can’t explain it scientifically, we can’t obliterate its existence.




Astronomy is the most important course in the college, and it is also the key subject of many examinations. Unlike other courses, it does not need magic, but it requires a strong knowledge system. In fact, in the development of human civilization, astronomy is a key course for many scientists. Ancient people can predict the fate by relying on astronomy and meteorology, and scientists can lead us to understand different universes by using astronomical telescopes. Astronomy is a course of human determination to explore the universe.


The potion.


Every student in Hogwarts takes this course. Making potions can be said to be a skill that every magician must master. With these potions, magicians can not only solve all kinds of diseases and pains, but also instantly improve their ability to fight and become powerful brave men. They can make magic potions with a few simple raw materials, which is very magical in our view. Even if our technology level is very advanced, there is no way to develop such drugs. But what the movie tells us is that the power of nature is infinite, and there are many precious things in nature.


There are all kinds of medicinal materials growing in nature. Although some medicinal materials are rare in quantity, they play a vital role in human health. These are the forces given to us by nature. Only in the process of developing civilization, protecting environment and respecting nature, can human civilization continue.


Although “Harry Potter” is a fantasy film, we can never have magic, but the belief conveyed by the film will accompany us all our lives. Now “Harry Potter” is playing again, have you seen it?

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