Dinosaurs are not all extinct. Some of them “live in seclusion” in today’s species

There are different forms of species in nature. Every year, countless species are on the verge of extinction. These species will disappear quietly, and even some people don’t know that they exist on this earth. Of course, among the extinct species, dinosaur extinction is widely spread and the most controversial one so far. In the age of dinosaurs, they dominated the whole world because of their huge size. According to relevant scientific research, dinosaurs accounted for more than 90% of the whole terrestrial biological chain. Some scientists speculate that the extinction of dinosaurs may be the result of asteroid impact on the earth. Among them are Ichthyosaurus, Canglong, etc. according to the research of dinosaur fossils by relevant experts, dinosaurs lived on the earth at least 6500 years ago.

Were dinosaurs really wiped out by asteroids? Why didn’t other species die out

Throughout the history of the earth’s evolution, we will find that in the mysterious nature, the extinction events of large-scale groups of animals similar to dinosaurs have occurred many times. But no matter how great a disaster, there are always creatures that will survive. As for how dinosaurs died out, most scientists believe that an asteroid accidentally hit the earth at that time, and this natural disaster destroyed the whole dinosaur family, and almost all dinosaur members were extinct. The age of dinosaur extinction is known as the end of Cretaceous. At that time, besides dinosaurs, there must be other species on the earth, such as some mammals and mollusks. Since it was an asteroid that caused the extinction of dinosaurs, why didn’t other species die out?


To be exact, this is unknown, and there is no final answer. However, the analysis made by scientists is that at the end of the Cretaceous period, the organisms that survived the changes in the harsh natural environment mainly had two characteristics. One is the organisms that can live in the water for a long time, and the size of this kind of organisms is relatively small, such as “fish”. When the ecological environment changed, the water environment changed In addition, the relatively small creatures living in water for a long time have super fast reproduction speed and strong ability to adapt to the environment. In the final analysis, they will survive.

Scientists have done in-depth research on the impact of the asteroid on the earth at that time. Geologists believe that the longest ecological change caused by the impact of the asteroid on the earth will last for more than 1000 years, and the extinction of dinosaurs is a long process, which will take at least 1 million years. However, there will be great doubts here. What is the time that the asteroid impact on the earth will continue to change the ecological environment This short time, how can dinosaurs appear family style almost all extinct? This is a time span of millions of years. Some scientists say that the impact of an asteroid on the earth only led to the extinction of some dinosaurs. Other dinosaurs are strong enough to survive and live for nearly a million years.

Dinosaur extinction lasted a long time, so how did other dinosaurs go to extinction?

On the earth, dinosaurs used to be giant creatures and became the leader of the earth. Every ecological food chain was the top king. If the asteroid impact on the earth did not lead to the extinction of all dinosaurs, how did other dinosaurs go to extinction?


In further research, scientists found that the extinction of other dinosaurs may be related to climate change. Although the earth’s climate changed abruptly, the temperature dropped sharply, and there was a large amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. In this climate, dinosaurs could not survive because they could not adapt to the cold weather. When the earth’s temperature dropped suddenly, some dinosaurs would freeze to death . In addition, scientists also believe that when the volcano erupted, a lot of carbon dioxide was ejected, and the release of harmful gases led to the extinction of dinosaurs. Climate change, volcanic eruption, whether it is herbivorous dinosaurs or carnivorous dinosaurs are unable to adapt to the new ecological environment. After more than one million years, they disappeared on the earth.

If dinosaurs are extinct, will they be wiped out? Expert: maybe it’s a new “name”

1. The ancestor of birds: Feathered Dinosaurs


The emergence of natural disasters is not the main reason for the extinction of animals, animals will be extinct at all times, but some natural disasters lead to the mass extinction of this group of species. For example, the African giant lion, the local pig, the giant ape and so on, then all the dinosaurs in the earth are extinct? The answer is no. I don’t think there should be absolute extinction of dinosaurs. With the continuous evolution and reproduction of other parts of dinosaurs, birds have grown wings. Their sensory organs are also very developed, and their bodies are light and flexible. It can be said that modern birds are the descendants of dinosaurs.

Some people will question, “don’t dinosaurs have feathers? How did they become the ancestors of birds? ” With the development of human history and civilization, archaeologists have found that there are bird ancestors in the west of Liaoning Province in China. Archaeologists have excavated the “herzodiac”. Scientists believe that in the process of dinosaur evolution, some small theropod dinosaurs have evolved into a close ornithosaurus herzovskii. In addition, the heel of Archaeopteryx is very similar to that of dinosaurs. Its first toe grows from one side of its claw. The biggest difference between Archaeopteryx and modern birds is that it is closer to theropod dinosaurs. It can be said that both therosaurus and Archaeopteryx are the ancestors of birds, which evolved from feathered dinosaurs. Feathered dinosaurs have been more than 100 million years ago.

There are many different opinions about the ancestors of birds in the Internet. For example, pterosaurs are called the ancestors of birds. In fact, scientists have found that pterosaurs are not dinosaurs at all. They appear in the earth almost at the same time as dinosaurs, and they are extinct almost at the same time. The appearance of pterosaurs is similar to dinosaurs, but they belong to the alien reptiles. As a flying vertebrate on the earth, pterosaurs can fly, The length of the pterosaur is amazing, reaching more than 12 meters. Through the comparison of pterosaur fossils and dinosaur fossils, scientists found that the biggest similarity between pterosaur and dinosaur is “short legs”, which is why pterosaur was misunderstood as a dinosaur.

2. Saber Toothed dragon evolved into a tailed iguana, which is rebellious and highly lethal


Although dinosaurs have been extinct for more than 60 million years, there is still a kind of creature on earth that is very similar to dinosaurs. This kind of creature is spiny tailed iguana, which lives in Central America. There are a large number of spiny tailed iguana in the boundary zone between Panama and Mexico. Adult spiny tailed iguanas can reach more than one meter in size, with spiny scales on the tail and back, which is very similar to Saber Toothed dragon. Some experts speculate that most of spiny tailed iguanas evolved from Saber Toothed dragon, which is a herbivore. In the process of evolution, with the change of ecological environment, it will also become a carnivore, and Saber Toothed dragon’s character is very irritable. They are good at hiding and camouflage. The cold-blooded iguana has a very long life, and can live to about 30 years.


Tyrannosaurus Rex evolved into chicken oviparous animal, and the evolutionary process is complex


In the late Cretaceous, as a huge carnivore, Tyrannosaurus rex was once the king of the earth. With the change of ecological environment, Tyrannosaurus rex was completely extinct. However, a report from science magazine of the United States wrote: “not all Tyrannosaurus Rex were extinct, which is very similar to the chicken now. Did Tyrannosaurus Rex evolve into chicken? American scientists have found that the protein in the bones of T. rex is almost the same as that in the bones of modern chickens, and their bone morphology is very close. So how did Tyrannosaurus Rex evolve into a chicken? Scientists speculate that Tyrannosaurus Rex is huge. As a carnivorous dinosaur, with the change of environment, its eating habits have also changed. Tyrannosaurus Rex is just the same as chicken’s bone gene, but whether chicken evolved from Tyrannosaurus Rex remains to be further researched in the future. Generally speaking, chicken and Tyrannosaurus Rex are inextricably related and may have branches in evolution It’s just a close ancestor.

4. A new species evolved from gnathodonta: Dinosaur man lives in seclusion

Dinosaurs used to be the leaders of the earth. If dinosaurs had not been partially extinct, they might have evolved into a new species. Scientists predict that this new species has very high intelligence and is also a higher organism on the earth. Compared with other dinosaurs, this new creature is small in size, walking upright, moving very fast, and likes to live in groups. They are very smart and cunning like foxes. Whatever prey they are staring at, they can’t escape anyway. This new creature not only has strong eyesight, but also has the ability to solve problems and analyze problems Strength, brain intelligence is very high.

“So how similar are the new species evolved by gnathodonta to humans?” The ancestors of human beings are primates, and they have the ability to distinguish colors by vision in the process of evolution. However, although they are carnivores, their vision will not evolve into the ability to distinguish colors in the process of evolution, but their ability to distinguish weak light is higher than that of human beings, and they often like to move at night. The brain capacity of the wounded odontosaurus is 1100 ml, while that of the human brain is 1400 ml. given enough time, the injured odontosaurus may have evolved into a new species


Dinosaur man

It was also the popular “dinosaur man theory” at that time.

Natural organisms have never stopped evolving. The so-called extinction is not the real extinction


Species on the earth are complex and diverse. Every species has a process of evolution and variation. Different species depend on different degrees of environment in the process of evolution. For example, our most common fish, with the change of environment, fish will lose their eyes after evolution, because for them, the advantage of having eyes far exceeds the cost of maintaining them. Biological evolution is unpredictable, they may be random, they may be neutral, and even they can not guarantee the outcome of their own evolution. In the course of evolution, they will face extinction anytime and anywhere. In the long life, we have seen that biology and ecological environment complement each other. No matter whether dinosaurs are completely extinct or not, we can’t deny that there are still new species close to dinosaurs on the earth. Some of these new species are the result of dinosaur evolution, and some of them are the result of variation in the middle of dinosaur extinction. The emergence of complex and diverse new species gives us a sense of self-identity However, the magic power of the world, the evolution of natural organisms has never stopped!

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