Dinosaurs dominate the earth for many years, but finally stop evolving. What’s the secret behind it?

Dinosaurs dominate the earth for many years, but finally stop evolving. What’s the secret behind it?


As we all know, human beings are the leader of the earth. They are already at the top of the food chain and have the ability of wisdom and independent thinking. This is the important reason why human beings can dominate the earth. Human beings are independent individuals with brains. They can make many creatures homeless just by using their brains. The most important thing is that they can create products with their hands, which other animals can’t do Yes.


Human beings are very lucky. After five mass extinctions, human beings finally become the master of the earth. All this is hard won. Looking back at the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, it is estimated that if dinosaurs were still alive, human beings would not be able to rule the earth, and human beings would have to avoid the killing of dinosaurs every day. Therefore, we are very grateful for everything that human beings have, and we should also thank nature. Dinosaurs dominate the earth for many years, but finally stop evolving. What’s the secret behind it?


In our impression, dinosaurs have a huge body and strong limbs, no matter the lethality or deterrence, they are among the best on earth. When all creatures see them, they will run away quickly. They don’t need to be restrained by external factors, and have the conditions to complete self purification. In principle, such a creature should be the leader of the earth. Why didn’t it evolve successfully in the end?


In order to solve this problem, scientists found that there was a special kind of dinosaur in the biological trajectory of the earth. It was named traumatic odontosaurus. This kind of traumatic odontosaurus was huge and small compared with other large dinosaurs, but its brain capacity was extremely rich. It is very strange that the injured tooth dragon walked on its hind legs, and then evolved bird like wings. If it is given enough time, maybe it can evolve into a high-level creature.


Scientists said that if the sauropodonta had not been extinct, it would certainly have evolved in the direction of advanced organisms. Unfortunately, there was an unexpected event, perhaps due to the impact of an asteroid, and the dinosaurs had not yet evolved, they would have been completely extinct. If not for that asteroid impact, perhaps dinosaurs would have evolved into dinosaurs. Of course, all this is just the guess of scientists. After all, there is no scientific basis. If dinosaur man really exists, does it mean that there will be werewolves, cat man, dog man and so on in the world? Is it not going to turn the world upside down? In fact, what we should thank most is nature, which gives us everything.


If we hadn’t experienced so many mass extinctions, human beings would not have come to this day. Although human beings are the masters of the earth, everyone’s power is limited. They are not as big as dinosaurs, and they don’t have their strong limbs. The only thing that can match them is the brain. Everyone should cherish everything, protect the earth, respect nature and live in harmony with all the creatures in nature. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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