Dinosaurs dominated the earth for 160 million years. Why didn’t they evolve wisdom and civilization?

Human beings are evolved from mammals, and the time when mammals were born is relatively long, even can be traced back to the time when dinosaurs were born. The rise of mammals has the foundation of human being’s birth, and human ancestors have been very awesome. The animal has completed the evolution of wisdom in only a short span of millions of years.

Mankind has become the overlord of the earth, opened the era of civilization, and entered the era of science hundreds of years ago. With the help of science and technology, we have stepped out of the earth and started to explore the vast universe.


It may be said that the ancient ape embarked on the road of intelligent evolution millions of years ago. The birth of human beings should be thanks to the choice of the evolutionary path of the ancient ape, and the birth of the ancient ape should be thanks to the rise of mammals in ancient times, so who should be grateful for the rise of mammals? Some people may say that we have to thank dinosaurs. It is the extinction of dinosaurs that made mammals.

But in fact, the rise of mammals is really thanks to the huge asteroid that hit the Earth 65 million years ago. Without it, the earth’s ecology would not have changed dramatically, and dinosaurs would not have died out. In the age of dinosaurs, mammals had no chance to rise.

When it comes to dinosaurs, many people will think of the glorious age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The birth of dinosaurs can be traced back to 200 million years ago, when there was the third mass extinction. After the mass extinction, dinosaurs were born. The original dinosaurs were not the overlord of the earth. There were other overlord creatures on the earth at that time.


Until the emergence of the fourth mass extinction, 90% of the earth’s organisms were extinct, but the impact of this mass extinction event on dinosaurs was very small. Most of the other creatures were extinct, and dinosaurs survived. After the mass extinction, dinosaurs also took advantage of the situation and prospered quickly. There were not only a large number of dinosaurs, but also races all over the continents of the earth.

Dinosaurs have dominated the earth for a long time, reaching 160 million years. In such a long time, more than 80% of the earth’s species are dinosaurs. It can be said that pterosaurs are flying in the sky, herbivorous dinosaurs and carnivorous dinosaurs are running on the ground, and even there are branches of dinosaurs in the water. The whole earth became a paradise for dinosaurs.


Why did dinosaurs not evolve wisdom and civilization in such a prosperous and glorious age of dinosaurs and 160 million years? I believe many friends have thought about this. It is only tens of millions of years since the extinction of dinosaurs that mammals emerged.

Mammals can use tens of millions of years to evolve intelligent life. Why did dinosaurs dominate the earth for 160 million years but failed? In fact, to solve this mystery, we need to return to the basic laws of nature.

We all know that life is growing and developing by evolution, and the core of life evolution is gene mutation, which gives life an evolutionary direction. The direction and degree of biological selection depend on the direction of gene mutation.


So what determines gene mutation? That’s the basic law of nature – survival of the fittest. Although nature is merciless and cruel, it gives every creature a fair chance to survive. Nature will choose the direction of gene evolution according to the adaptability of each organism to the environment.

The natural advantage of dinosaurs is that they are tall and have absolute power. Other biological forces are not in the same level in front of dinosaurs. Herbivorous dinosaurs were bigger, and no one dared to fight with them. Carnivorous dinosaurs were just as ferocious, and no creature could compare with them.


Dinosaurs have a natural advantage in power, so nature can see them. When nature sees the strength of dinosaurs, it will continue along this path in the direction of gene mutation. Only in this way, the dinosaurs’ survival ability will be stronger and stronger. This is the fairness of nature. It will choose the direction of gene through the inherent advantages of each creature.

Dinosaurs have the advantage of power, and gene mutation naturally continues to evolve in the direction of power. So that dinosaurs in 160 million years, become more and more tall, more and more strong, pressure other creatures completely unable to look up.

Therefore, although dinosaurs have ruled the earth for 160 million years, their evolutionary direction can not be determined by themselves, but by genes. And there are also the laws of nature on the top of the genes. The laws of nature chose to let dinosaurs take the road of power evolution. Even if dinosaurs want to take the road of intelligent evolution, they have no choice. Unless the ecological environment changes dramatically again and the dinosaur’s power advantage is lost, nature can make dinosaurs choose the direction of evolution again.


In addition, dinosaur’s huge body also restricted them to embark on the road of intelligent evolution. Why? I believe many friends know that the ratio of brain capacity to body directly determines the level of wisdom. The brain is only a relatively small structure in every organism. But it is such a small structure, but the demand for energy is very large.

The larger the brain capacity is, the higher the energy consumption is. The brain volume of human body only accounts for about 2% of the human body, but it consumes about 20% of all the energy of human body. Dinosaur’s body is very huge, the huge body needs a lot of energy every day. And the source of energy is all kinds of food, which shows how much food the herbivorous dinosaurs consumed every day.


The food of herbivorous dinosaurs is a variety of plants. After eating a large number of plants, it is converted into energy and stored in the body. These energies can sustain dinosaurs for a long time, but if dinosaurs choose the path of intelligent evolution, then the brain must grow rapidly and reach a relatively large proportion.

If the brain capacity is greatly increased to the level of intelligence, then 20% of the energy of the dinosaur body needs to be supplied to the brain for daily use, which is not good news for dinosaurs. In the past, eating a meal for 10 days and a half months without eating, because the energy in the body can be maintained. But with an intelligent brain, we need to eat every day, otherwise the body will have no spirit.

The earth’s resources are limited. If dinosaurs are allowed to consume a large amount of resources every day, they may soon run out of food. Without abundant resources, the earth’s ecology will also deteriorate rapidly and finally become uncontrollable. It is in this way that nature will not let dinosaurs embark on the road of intelligent evolution.


In fact, the rules of nature play a role in the evolution of human intelligence. In itself, the body of the ancient ape has only the advantage of agility, which can only play a huge role in the forest. But later, the occurrence of geological activities turned the forest into a plain, and the ancient ape had to live on the grassland.

Grassland without forest, the ancient ape does not have the advantage of strength, become the existence of the bottom of the food chain. If we don’t change it, maybe the whole ape race will be extinct and disappear on the earth. At this time, the laws of nature combined with the agility of the ape, and let them embark on the road of intelligent evolution.

Because wisdom and agility can survive well. Of course, this road is not easy. There were many branches of wisdom on the road of wisdom evolution of ancient apes, but in the end, only Homo sapiens survived and evolved into modern humans, and other branches of wisdom disappeared.

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