Dinosaurs have a history of 150 million years, 30 times that of human beings. Why didn’t they leave any civilization behind?

Speaking of the origin of human beings, we should all know that human beings on earth have a history of nearly 5 million years. From the beginning of the Ru Mao Yin Xue, to today’s science and technology intelligence, guangxiawanjian, human change and progress are rapid. I don’t know if you have ever thought that it has only taken less than 5 million years for human beings to develop to this day



Dinosaurs, the dominant dinosaurs of the era, have lived on the earth for nearly 150 million years, which is 30 times the survival time of human beings! But why didn’t they leave any civilization behind?

Scientists say that natural selection, survival of the fittest, for organisms, all the changes are to survive. The early human beings were very weak and small. They could not make a fire or use tools in the harsh environment. In ancient times, all kinds of wild animals were rampant. They were worried about the source of food all the time or became the ration of other creatures. All these were the pressure of human survival.


So people have to get warm together, blend with each other, confirm each other, and gradually learn to make a fire and use tools. They are gradually moving towards modern human beings, and they are trying their best to live in that era.

The reason why human beings embark on this unique road can also be understood as being forced. If you do not adapt, evolve or develop your intelligence, you will not survive at all. The most important reason is that you are forced. When human beings first appeared, they were too weak. If they want to survive, they need to overcome all kinds of difficulties. If early humans were at the bottom of the food chain, dinosaurs were different. In the age of dinosaurs, it was the overlord, standing at the top, overlooking all the creatures on the earth, and all living beings lived in the shadow of dinosaurs. Dinosaur individuals are too powerful. They can easily obtain food and various resources. Their powerful strength makes them not need to develop a more intelligent brain. They are already “invincible”. They are reckless and unrestrained. They don’t need to develop wisdom any more.


Therefore, according to the theory, the more powerful the species, the worse the adaptability of the environment. Just as dinosaurs have not developed civilization like human beings for hundreds of millions of years, it has a great relationship with their ecological position. It is precisely because in the age of dinosaurs, there are no creatures that can threaten them. Without natural enemies, there will be no pressure. Without pressure, there will be no power. We just need to stand high at the top of the food chain and overlook all kinds of strange creatures at its feet. No opponent can challenge their dignity. So as the ruler of the earth at that time, the overlord of nature, they did not need to make any changes.

Human beings have gone step by step from the weak to the present, which has already surpassed the dinosaur’s steps on the earth. Although the emergence of human civilization is the result of life evolution, there is no doubt that there is a element of luck in it. Who knows if dinosaurs would have developed their own civilization without the impact 65 million years ago?

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