“Dirty! Slow Einstein, as we all know, commented on the Chinese people in his diary

Einstein is a very famous physicist, and he is well known in China. However, few people know that this scientist has ever visited Asia, including China. What do Chinese people look like in the eyes of this famous scientist?


In 1922, Einstein began his journey to Asia and traveled to China, Japan, Palestine and other countries. In the course of more than one year’s journey, he wrote down his travel diary, in which we can see his impression of Chinese people: hardworking, dull, dirty. Industrious: Chinese are very industrious. They work as hard as horses, but they seem to have no sense of pain. They seem to be robots without thoughts. Dull: Chinese people like to squat on the ground when they eat. This kind of posture is just like that of Europeans who have finished their hands in the wild. Every Chinese is dull, quiet and serious. Even children are listless and lifeless. The most one-sided and contemptuous evaluation of the Chinese people in the diary is that he thinks that Chinese women do not have the unique attraction of women, and men and women seem to be the same. He also questions Chinese men, and does not know why Chinese men are so difficult to control and reproduce with such Chinese women.

In fact, Einstein was not only a famous scientist, but also an advocator of civil rights movement in history. In 1946, Einstein made a speech criticizing American Apartheid: “America separates people of color from white people. This kind of apartheid is not a disease of people of color, but a disease of white people. I’m not going to be silent about that. ” This sentence makes almost all people think that Einstein opposes racial discrimination and is a representative of humanitarianism. However, in his travel diary, people can see his disgust and discrimination towards Chinese people, including Asians. Rosenkrantz, the translator of the travel diary, said: Einstein’s labeling of the Japanese, Chinese and Indians as “mentally retarded” and saying that the root cause is “biological inferiority” shows that there is a special racism in his heart. What makes readers around the world feel most offended and hard to accept is his description of the attractiveness of Chinese women.


Rosenkrantz believes that people can no longer have a one-sided understanding of Einstein, “even Einstein, sometimes it is difficult to recognize who he is.


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